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2 New Impotence Videos With Dr. Amy And Suz

8 solutions to ED: treatment options: pills, pumps, testosterone.

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Here are 2 new videos I recorded for you with Dr. Amy B. Killen, regenerative medicine expert in impotence.

Specifically why YOU have impotence:

Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Diagnosis – Why Do YOU Have ED? ⇐ Watch Now

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options – Pills, Penis Pumps, Testosterone (8 Solutions To ED) ⇐Watch Now

In order for you to reverse any erectile issues you have, you first must know WHAT is causing your particular issue.

I asked Dr. Amy to go over the process she uses to determine the cause of ED in her patients.

Then she reviewed the eight solutions to impotence so you could see what might help you based on your situation and your medical preferences.

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