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UTI Bladder Infection Cystitis Cure

UTI Bladder Infection Cystitis Cure

Save this one on your hard drive.

Many women get urinary tract infections from sex. If you’re a guy, save this protocol on your hard drive. If your woman gets a UTI, you can be her hero.

This is a natural solution that does not require antibiotics. All it takes is baking soda and water and coffee, along with a heating pad or hot water bottle.

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And here is the article with the protocol.

Cure UTI’s Bladder Infections Honeymoon Cystitis Without Antibiotics


Antibiotics are not a good treatment for everyday UTI’s. Taking them kills all the good bacteria in your gut on it’s way to attacking the bacteria in your urethra.

Alkalizing your body with the coffee and baking soda works even better and is healthier.

If you try this and it works, please comment below the video. If you have any tweaks to this protocol that have worked for you, please share them as well.

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