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Are Men More Visual Than Women?

What is your opinion?

Have you heard sexperts say, “Men are more visual?”

I’ve probably been guilty of believing it myself at first.

(If you know where this research about men being more visual came from I want to see it and thank you.)

But until then, I believe women are JUST as visual as men. Perhaps in different ways.

And then I think back to what it was like when we lived in packs and made love in caves by the firelight (in front of all of our clan).

Men and women both love watching movies where the couple lusts for one another.

Everyone loves love! Especially sensually-depicted intimacy. Couples who are sexy to look at —like celebrities —but erotically charged for each other.

Which is why I curated a collection of sensual lovemaking techniques videos for couples to watch together.

Originally I created this collection for husbands to get and watch with their wives.

Because couples that play together, stay together… especially in the bedroom.

But then singles —especially single women —became our best fans because of how tasteful, sexy and educationally erotic the videos are.

So I wrote a little list of the eight ways you can incorporate these Steamy Sex Ed® videos into your erotic-education:

8 Playful Bedroom Adventures ⇐ For The Couple You Are Or Will Become

With love from your favorite sex advisor. Some of my friends even call me their “sex guru.” I love that. So sweet. And I do care. I care about you. And this is my gift to you for your sexual growth. Because we can gain so much self-love, self-expression, connection and pure, pure pleasure for ourselves and our lover just by learning new sex techniques.

Email me if you don’t find a way to use the ideas on the page for watching sexy videos. I can help you brainstorm a playful bedroom adventure.

You inspire me!

I’m giving away 5 sex techniques this week. 8 Playful Bedroom Adventures is one of five I’m giving away this week.

1. Butterfly Warm Up (4-Step Foreplay)
2. Orgasmic Breast Massage Master Plan
3. 8 Playful Bedroom Adventures
4. The “Sweet Spot” Oral Sex Position
5. 4 Sex Position Stimulators

You can click any of the links above and see the free technique. I also put all five into a free downloadable ebook.

These are all free samples from or inspired by my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

There is no commitment to purchase anything. I’m giving you free samples because you know what happens when you have a delicious taste of sex…

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