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Fascinating Fact: Why Women MOAN At Climax

why do women moan during sex

Why do women moan loudly during sex and scream when they orgasm?

“Female Copulatory Vocalization” refers to women screaming during sex.

Researchers have discovered that in promiscuous primate species, females moan during sex.

Scientists say there’s an evolutionary biological reason despite the apparent dangers of predators discovering and attacking you while you’re vulnerable.

It’s been proven across all cultures that women are vocal, leading to orgasm, but this phenomenon occurs only in the primate species where females are promiscuous.

For example, in gorillas, the females are monogamous and, therefore, not vocal during copulation.

Why is moaning and screaming during sex beneficial to women biologically?

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Researchers have determined that a female will vocalize to attract more males to copulate with her when the current male is done.

This behavior of mating with more than one male supports sperm competition. The more males a woman copulates with, the higher the probability she’ll conceive healthy offspring.

To further underscore this reproduction imperative, scientists have confirmed that male sperm have biologically evolved to fertilize an egg in an environment where it’s mixed with ejaculate from other males. Sperms are equipped with countermeasures designed to kill other male sperm. The penis is also designed to scrape out competitive sperm after ejaculating when pulled out of the vagina.

Many researchers believe that female humans are fundamentally polyamorous (love many) and biologically designed to have sex with multiple males when they’re aroused.

In her cross-cultural research, Dr. Helen Fisher says that most women and men are promiscuous throughout their lives. If society did not establish cultural norms for monogamy, most humans would have a series of primary relationships for child-rearing and companionship combined with shorter-term sexual relationships.

Dr. Fisher estimates that most married people have had serial affairs over the years, even if they don’t tell anyone about it. She believes this is the usual biological way humans live.

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