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How To Increase Nipple Sensitivity

There are some very innovative concepts in this video utilizing PRP (plasma-rich platelets) from your own blood re-injected into your breast tissue, your facial tissue and even your nipples for increased sensitivity as well as fixing inverted nipples.

The Vampire Facelift and PRP Breast Lift ⇐ Watch Now

The non-surgical facelift that uses your own growth factors!

In this segment, Dr. Robyn Benson and I discuss this innovative approach to reduce the signs of aging.

You’re going to hear about:

How your own blood can support the growth of new tissue (:24)
 The Vampire Facelift™ The non-surgical way to lift your face, smooth your neck and décolletage (:44)
 Where this magical natural solution comes from. (:55)
 What to expect from the procedure. (1:12)
 How micro-dermal needling with the skin pen enhances PRP. (1:26)
 How it actually works: the art of PRP. (1:45)
 The easy way to minimize fine lines & wrinkles, and lift labial folds. (2:00)
 A whole new approach to thinning hair. (4:22)
 Breast lift without surgery. (4:38)
 The PRP “fix” for inverted nipples without surgery. (4:50)
 Increasing nipple sensitivity. (5:00)

If you’d like to book an appointment with Dr. Robyn Benson in Santa Fe to ride her regenerative machines or get an O Shot, here is her

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The Vampire Facelift and PRP Breast Lift ⇐ Watch Now

Please post any questions or comments on the YouTube page. I’ll answer them there.


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