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How To Expand Your Clitoral Pleasure Map

NEW! 3 things women do that prevent clitoral erections.

3 things a woman does that prevent her from getting a clitoral hard on. <== Watch Now

Here are three more videos describing my second Vaginal Rejuvenation series of procedures.

✅   The first video is in the procedure room with Cheryl Schaaf, my board-certified nurse practitioner explaining all three treatments.

✅   The second video is where I do an update from Red Square by the Kremlin and show you St. Basil’s Cathedral.

✅   And the third video is about how to expand your orgasmic pleasure map.


Here is a link to the whole series. <== Watch From The Beginning

These vaginal rejuvenation procedures help with incontinence, labial laxity, vaginal pain and increased overall vulva tightening and heightened sexual pleasure.

I’m going to

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to family nurse practitioner Cheryl Schaaf for:

• Femilift Vaginal Canal CO2 Lasering for vaginal mucosal tissue restoration
• Revive by Viora multi-RF labial skin tightening technology for reducing laxity
• The O Shot™ PRP injection for regenerating the clitoral structure tissue

If you or your partner have been struggling with any vaginal atrophy, scar tissue, pain, diminished lubrication, flaccid tissue or lack of clitoral sensation, watch this saga of my rejuvenation procedures.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Series ⇐ Watch Now

If you have questions, do not reply to these emails. Please post your questions ON YouTube. Thanks!

One woman commented on YouTube that she wouldn’t get chemicals injected into her clitoris. Her opinion was that a woman should just age naturally.

To that I say, “bullcrap!”

First of all, I’m not getting “chemicals” injected. The O Shot is made from my own blood, centrifuged right in the office to separate my PRP (plasma-rich platelets) out for re-injection. PRP contains several different growth factors and other cytokines that can stimulate healing of soft tissue and joints.

The clitoral structure is made in part of spongy erectile tissue (like a penis). When the PRP is injected into this tissue it rejuvenates the tissue.

This same procedure can be done on men and it’s called, the P Shot or Priapus Shot. It can help for some forms of Erectile Dysfunction.

PRP is not a panacea or a miracle cure. Think of it more like a superfood for your tissue.

If you’re into regenerative therapies, this may be of interest to you. Watch the videos to learn more.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Series ⇐ Watch Now

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