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Earth-Shattering Lovemaking Technique

“I’ve just read your mini e-book on the feedback loop of the sexual soulmate pact. It’s fantastic!” 

I get so many beautiful emails from great people like you,  {FIRST_NAME LoveBug}. 

Some of them are thoughtful, endearing compliments… Others send me questions and concerns about their relationship and sex lives…

“When both of us are present, the physical, emotional, and spiritual nature of lovemaking is Earth-shattering!”

Just like this email from someone who got instant results using my two-word bedroom technique, The Sexual Soulmate Pact.

Check out their story below using this two-word phrase that IGNITES lovemaking.

This is The Sexual Soulmate Pact ⇐ Use This Free Sex Tip In Your Own Sex Life 



“Hi, Susan,

I’ve just read your mini e-book on the feedback loop of the sexual soulmate pact. It’s fantastic! 

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been a good lover (from hearing what my partners have said to their friends), and I’m proud of this. 

At that age, being able to last more than 5 minutes puts me ahead of 99% of guys! I’m also more significant than average, confident, and eager to learn.

As I’ve gotten older, that thirst for knowledge has led me to become very technique-focused. 

Sometimes things go well, and the techniques ‘work’, but I’m often left unable to let go myself, which frustrates my wife and me. She is usually more frustrated than me.

Having just read your book, it has started to click for me what has been undoing us in the bedroom. I’ve been so focused on techniques to get her to orgasm that I’ve forgotten about one of the people in the relationship. Me! 

When both of us are present, the physical emotional, and spiritual nature of what is lovemaking is Earth-shattering!

Thanks, Susan, you are doing great and important work!” —John (not his real name)


Presence is a game-changer when it comes to passionate sex. 

So many lovers are so caught up with what to do next. 

Should I kiss them? Should I go down on them? Should I do it faster? Slower? Should I whisper sweet nothings in their ear? 

And if you’re a woman, you’re probably a little guilty of this. 

Does my butt look fat? What he’s doing isn’t feeling good. It’s too cold here. I wish he’d slow down. 

If you can get out of the past and stop projecting thoughts about the future and just be here now, at the moment, connecting with your partner sex just gets easier.

And then, when you use The Sexual Soulmate Pact to have an ego-free feedback loop with each other… then the sex goes off like a rocket blaster.

intimacy techniques for couples


The Sexual Soulmate Pact is about the two “forbidden” things that turn any relationship into a hot, steamy, soul-shaking, heart-connected, long-term pact. 

It includes the two words that instantly make lovemaking hot and the mindset that makes sex the most “unforgivingly passionate” experience for lovers. 

If using The Sexual Soulmate Pact turned this lover’s sex life around and made it that much more exciting, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, Sweetie. 

The problem with most lovers is that they stick to what they already know and settle for the kind of lovemaking they already have. This leads to repetitiveness and a lack of excitement in the bedroom. 

Both of you know exactly what will happen and how it will happen. 

It’s like Groundhog Day in the bedroom.

And this ruins relationships and sex lives everywhere. 

Start now using the Sexual Soulmate Pact, and you will instantly start having more pleasure together. 

And if you’re single, use the Sexual Soulmate Pact on your next lover to bring out and pleasure all their desires.

Read The Sexual Soulmate Pact Here ⇐ This Itty Bitty Book Saves Relationships And Sex Lives Every Day 

This two-word phrase IGNITES passionate lovemaking!

I love reading and replying to as many as I can… And featuring some of your stories to share with others… Because sometimes, we think we’re the only ones feeling the way we do, and it’s nice to know that others are on a similar life path. 

So if you have a story to share, especially if it’s about your journey from wanting more satisfying sex and achieving phenomenal Sexual Soulmate lovemaking, send it to me.

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