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3 Easy Ways To Play With Sexual Energy Together

3 Easy Ways To Play With Sexual Energy Together

Learn how to increase your sexual energy the next time you get with your lover.

Welcome to my Future of Sex video series. In this video, I give you three ways to experience sexual energy with a partner.


PLAY WITH SEXUAL ENERGY ⇐ Learn how to increase your sexual energy

If you’ve been wondering what the word “energy” means in the context of passionate sex, you’re not alone. Let me drill it down for you.

First of all, I want to set your mind at ease: you don’t need to study tantra or start practicing qigong for sexual energy to become tangible. All you have to do is “act as if” and start to play with it, then sexual life will show itself to you.

Once that elusive energy becomes more real, you will be able to deepen your physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to your own body and, ultimately, connect more deeply with your partner.

A simple way to identify sexual energy is by becoming aware of the arousal you experience in your body. It’s that feeling we call “getting turned-on.” As a choir of responses, it starts to sing as your pleasure circuits hum with anticipation.

At a physiological level, your body and mind begin to phase-shift. Your breath, heart rate, the focus of attention, sense of time & space, self & others –all shift and change as your sexual energy starts to build and move through you.


These changes can be subtle or not-so-subtle. You may find yourself panting quickly one moment and breathing deeply the next. You might feel your temperature rising, your skin becoming more sensitive and alive, your body writhing, your spine arching, your hips grinding. Your heartbeat may quicken or slow down–all these shifts indicate that your sexual energy is moving.

If you’re having good sex, you’ve likely discovered your natural ability to allow the sexual energy to build into a swell, ride it for a while, and then ride the wave of pleasure over the crest into orgasm.

Want to sharpen your ability to tune into your sexual energy?

PLAY WITH SEXUAL ENERGY ⇐ Learn how to increase your sexual energy

3 Easy Ways To Play With Sexual Energy Together:

First, let’s talk about looking into your lover’s eyes.

We’ve all heard the saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” What better time to connect at the soul level than while making love?

Start by looking softly into your lover’s eyes. Become aware of how that makes your body feel, notice if you feel more connected to her. Sometimes this is called “eye-gazing.” But I find it intimidating because I’m a person who is “eye-shy.” So keep your gaze soft if you or your partner are eye-shy until you get comfortable.

Next, tune into her breathing and allow your breathing to sync up with your partner’s breathing. This will happen naturally.

Next, I want you to touch your partner with one hand on your heart and one on theirs. Send energy through your hands to create a circle of love from your heart to hers.

It’s a simple matter of intention… there’s nothing esoteric or woo-woo going on. It will come naturally the first time you do it, and you’ll both feel the difference in the connection between you.

When you touch each other, let your desire flow into your fingers and your bodies. Focus on feeling rather than thinking about how to connect.

At this point, you can begin to play with sexual energy. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, as long as whatever you’re doing is consensual.


The more you play with the energy, the more it will build into that wave that will carry you toward orgasm. Continue to breathe together and spread pleasure throughout your body, drawing it up from your loins to your heart.

When you are inside her, see if she can feel the difference when you direct your sexual energy through your penis and into her body with intention.

The key is to be playful. Effort and seriousness have no place in the bedroom!

Those unfamiliar with this energy consciously cultivate it and work with the currents. They play with sexual energy until it becomes an intentional, self-directed process with infinite reward.

Try it and let me know how it was for you. I find this kind of energy play to be very life-affirming for lovers.

PLAY WITH SEXUAL ENERGY ⇐ Learn how to increase your sexual energy

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