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3 Easy Ways To Play With Sexual Energy Together

This video gives you three ways to experience intimate times with a partner. Learn how to increase your sexual energy.

If you’ve been wondering what the word energy means in passionate sex, you’re not alone. Let me drill it down for you.

First, I want to set your mind at ease: you don’t need to study tantra or practice qigong for sexual energy to become tangible. You have to “act as if” and play with it. Then, sexual energy will show itself to you.

Once that elusive energy becomes real, you will be able to deepen your physical, emotional, and spiritual connection with your own body and, ultimately, connect more deeply with your partner.

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Sexual Energy Play


A simple way to identify sexual energy is to become aware of your arousal; it’s that feeling we call “getting turned on.” A choir of responses sings as your pleasure circuits hum, anticipating more pleasure.

At a physiological level, your body and mind begin to phase-shift. Your breath, heart rate, the focus of attention, sense of time & space, self & others—all shift as your sexual energy moves through you.

These changes can be subtle or not-so-subtle. You may find yourself panting quickly one moment and breathing deeply the next. You might feel your temperature rising, your skin becoming more sensitive and alive, your body writhing, your spine arching, your hips grinding. Your heartbeat may quicken or slow down—these shifts indicate that your sexual energy is moving.

If you’re having good sex, you likely discovered your natural ability to allow the sexual energy to build into a swell, ride it for a while, then ride the wave of pleasure over the crest into orgasm.

Want to sharpen your ability to tune into your sexual energy?

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how to increase your sexual energy
how to increase your sexual energy

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