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How To Make A Sacred Container Of Passion

How To Make A Sacred Container Of Passion

“He gave me a magic mirror so that I could see how beautiful I was to him.” Read on to learn about this sweet bedroom game.


“Have you ever heard of creating a “sacred container of love?”

Once at a Tantric lovemaking workshop, my husband and I participated in a fun exercise together.

Here’s how Tim and I were taught to do this Sacred Passion Couples Experience:

First, we sat cross-legged, face-to-face and touched our palms together, and raised our arms in a circle around ourselves to create a “sacred container of love.”

Then we threw out things from inside the love bubble.

We took out time pressures and any schedule.

I threw out my body shame. He threw out his past anger and resentment about not having enough sex with me. (we were rekindling our intimacy at this time)

Next, we called in things we wanted to be present in our lovemaking that day.

It was a sweet way to connect, get on the same page, and check in with each other about our desires and fears of the day.

What did we put in and take out?


We put in love, appreciation, willingness to be present with each other, spaciousness, and time to enjoy a leisurely life moment.

Then we gave each other a gift.

I gave him the gift of my willingness to try something new of his choosing.

And he gave me a magic mirror to see how beautiful I was to him. That was a touching moment I never forgot. I just got goosebumps writing this to you.

That Sacred Passion workshop exercise started our ability to share our boundaries and desires without reserve. This exploded our intimacy to a whole new level.

This is why I created my best-selling Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection. It’s a compilation of sweet, sensual, and passionate lovemaking techniques. I made it especially for couples to watch together (it’s not like those dirty videos), singles to be ready for “The One,” and for lovers who are seeking heart-connected, soul-melding passion and intimacy.

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sweet bedroom game


One of the best ways to increase your comfort about your intimate life and cultivate more passion is to have a direct line of communication with your lover.

With practice, it gets easier, but honesty and boundaries also make lovemaking significantly better.

Being able to convey how you are feeling any given day about your sexual desires and any boundaries you need to establish allows both partners to relax and enjoy within the confines of those needs each time you are intimate.

Because of women’s hormonal fluctuations, their desires can be wide-ranging.

One day she might want to be cuddled, the next to sashay around in lingerie and high heels, and the day she might beg for some passionate kissing.

Outside influences also affect men’s libido. One day more tired, another hornier…

When you make your appetites known each time you are intimate, the variations in what you hunger to provide a boost of variety that keeps your lovemaking more exciting anyway.

Often, we feel embarrassed to ask for what we need, although it becomes easy and fun with practice.

Open yourself to more pleasure by communicating your boundaries with your lover.

Reduce your guilt and have more fun when you create agreements before making love. If you’re not in the mood and you let your partner know, perhaps you can snuggle up and watch Steamy Sex Ed® together while you take turns giving each other sensual massages.

There’s a certain freedom in establishing your desires and boundaries at the onset of a lovemaking session.

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