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Receiving A Sexual Healing Massage

sacred spot healing

When you receive sexual healing massage in your vaginal canal, especially in your G-Area, it releases a lot of pent up emotion. You can get over past traumas with G-Area massage.

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A great way to become happier and more conscious of your sexual self is to cleanse negative emotional energy from your womb.

Sexual healing opens us up to becoming vulnerable to our lovers during lovemaking, which for women, is so hard to do considering the state of the world at the moment.

We feel like we always have to guard ourselves and to never be vulnerable. However, that mindset only keeps us away from surrendering to pleasure with our lover.

Shame and hurt, sexual trauma and repression blocks our neural and emotional pathways to peak passion and pleasure.

Let go of all the negativity that may have entered your life and relationships this year.

Bad experiences… small arguments… negative-minded people…

And more importantly, the emotional and psychological issues that have long been keeping you from living a fulfilling, wonderful life.

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Watch my Steamy videos to overcome or help your partner overcome past sexual trauma… things like being shamed about your sexuality, growing up in a repressed environment, being made to feel bad about your body, being sexually abused… really anything that has shut you or your partner down can be healed.

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You two can open each other to more healing and pleasure.

We humans hold all of our past emotions in our body…

Any negative emotion can get stored in your pelvis… as well as in other places such as your sternum, your lower back, your jaw…

When a man strokes a woman’s vulva, especially inside her vagina, with his penis, fingers, and tongue — and she has an orgasmic contraction — sometimes she will cry.

And what’s great is that you can put the past behind you and heal yourself or your lover with this kind of massage.

Sexual healing and heart-opening through sacred spot massage is one of the most beautiful experiences a couple can share.

If you want MORE information about sexual healing and sacred spot or G-Spot massage… If you want to receive a sacred spot healing massage, you can learn by watching this video series:

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