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Unexpected Sexy Plot Twist!

Unexpected Sexy Plot Twist!

Maybe you regret not watching our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection that has advanced sexual techniques for the 30 day trial period…

However, if you’re kicking yourself because you did want to take advantage of 200 advanced lovemaking techniques on video during our sale last week but didn’t make the cut-off, you still have a shot.

But only until these 12 copies are gone.

Here’s what happened…

Get Steamy Sex Ed® Videos at 60% Off ⇐ 12 Copies Available! (Fully Remastered Videos) 


The last week has been CRAZY for me with the 60% Off SALE of our super sexy erotic massage, oral pleasuring, intercourse techniques, and erotic sex position training videos…

(SIDE NOTE: The customers who got the Steamy Sex Ed® DVDs cannot stop RAVING about them! It’s been so much fun hearing about all of the scorching sex they are having.)

Anyway, we sold out of all 500 DVDs and closed the order page.

HOWEVER, this morning our Customer Care manager went through the orders, and as is typical, found that some credit cards were DECLINED.

So we have 12 people who are unfortunately unable to take possession of their copy of the Steamy Sex Ed® DVDs.

This means that one of THEIR copies can now be YOURS.

And we will still honor the 60% off Sale price for you, including making the EZ Pay available.

Get Steamy Sex Ed® Videos at 60% Off ⇐ 12 Copies Left (Their Loss — Your GAIN!) FULLY Remastered Videos. 


Remember, you have to be one of the FIRST 12 to place your order… and you have to do it before someone else gets to the order page. Because I’m letting everyone know and I have a lot of fans.

After that, it will go away until we print more DVDs and offer it again, which will be many months from now or next year before we have a 60% off sale. Remember, the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection contains EIGHT full-length sensual instructional videos usually priced at $520.

So you have to HURRY…

…Or you’ll miss out AGAIN!

I expect these 12 lucky people will soon be getting a lot more offers for sex. Hehe.

Why are you still even reading this? The clock is ticking!

Go HERE to get the Steamy Sex Ed®Video Collection:

Get Steamy Sex Ed® Videos at 60% Off ⇐ 12 Copies Left As I’m Writing This Email (FULLY Remastered Videos)

If you have ANY questions or need any help, just email [email protected]. We are here to support you. ♥️

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