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How To Revive Your Wife’s Sex Drive and Libido

? Private Video (For Your Eyes Only)

Sexologist Valeria Chuba and I discuss the 4 Elements of Revival from my program Revive Her Drive in this private video not available to the public.

No matter if you own the Revive Her Drive program yet or not, this will help you know what to do to get your sex life supercharged again.


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Hope this video helps you further understand that leading your woman to her sexual potential is FUN.

Have Fun,

7 Responses

  1. Listen this is a comment for men…..If you’re married, get a girlfriend on the side or two. Most women don’t understand shared responsibility and they don’t like to be held accountable for the concept of shared responsibility. All the articles are about the man bringing the woman back from her prison of boredom….I say be responsible for yourself and forget about the fickled world of the female mind….she can always buy a couple more pairs of shoes

  2. Susan, I have been getting good info from you for six months and I have come reached the conclusion that I’m the problem as I can’t get hard enough
    To give her any satisfaction having sex. and at this point she is not open to any attempt for having any sex or even let me hold her for fear of my trying something.
    I have tried yours and others BREWS to make me hard and always hoping but nothing strong enough to make penitration for sex.
    I doubt I’m the only one with this problem, but up til now I haven’t seen you to address this issue. Maybe because you are female you don’t think this can be the problem., maybe some of your other members can help with what I can do to make my situation HARD.
    If so I have a lot of reviving to do if I could get fixed!

    1. Susan
      I was hoping you could help me with this request I sent.
      If you have an idea, I’m still waiting for some diffraction of help from you.

  3. Thanks a lot, the program is very educative to men, especially knowing that women have their needs which have to be met before they can surrender to their men, that to be successful in pleasuring men have to learn what a woman needs on that particular day,their pleasure needs changes since women are hormonal and complex being.From the this show i have learned that to be able to meet sexual needs of a woman successfully as to her standard, men need tons of sex knowledge and patience to apply on their women.The big challenge is gathering the right knowledge and patience to practice which most men do no have, we always want to do things our way, may be we are selfish,want only our needs met not caring much needs of our women,we have to change and be practical as the saying “ladies first”,true love delights in giving, let us learn and practice giving pleasure to our women first before our own

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