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Steamy Sex Ed® Valentine’s Day Gift SALE Early Access

Ready to see the erotic video samples from Steamy? Go now!


The Steamy Sex Ed® Valentine’s Day Gift SALE IS ON!!!

60% Off. Sale Ends on February 15th or Earlier When We Run Out Of Copies.

Don’t be caught giftless on Valentine’s Day.


You were smart to get on the Early Bird list for our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection Valentine’s Day Gift Sale. We always run out fast, so you are in pole position, shall we say.

You have one day advanced notice to watch video trailers from Steamy Sex Ed® today.

Here is your VIP link ☚ Single

Here is your VIP link ☚ Couple


Go now and watch the TWO sample video trailers in the middle of the page.

NEW! Scroll all the way down for a funny ditty sung by Lynn Rose and Bob Doyle and their little dog, Cody. It’s super cute.

Here is your VIP link ☚ Single

Here is your VIP link ☚ Couple



Every question you have should be answered on the page, but if not, email our lovely Customer Care team if you have any questions.

OK, get on it! These DVDs sell out fast!

If you want the DVDs to get to you in time for Valentine’s Day, order now! It usually takes around a week to ship items around the U.S. So grab yours today before it’s too late, or they sell out.

Digital downloads are available immediately.

Here’s what’s inside the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection:

  • Over 100 Orgasmic Massage Strokes
  • Over 30 Tantalizing High Touch Techniques
  • Over 20 Male Genital Massage Techniques
  • Over 20 Female Genital Massage Techniques
  • Over 10 Non-Invasive Anal Massage Strokes for Him and Her
  • Over 30 New Oral Sex Techniques for Pleasure
  • Over 20 Advanced Oral Sex Techniques for Climaxing
  • Over 10 Tantalizing Analingus Techniques for Him and Her
  • Over 20 Uniquely New Oral Sex Positions

You can literally try a new technique or position every weekend and have enough to last you and your lover for years! My god, imagine all the unique sexy times you’ll be having.

Watch The Steamy Sex Ed® Video Trailers ☚ Single (Explicit)

Watch The Steamy Sex Ed® Video Trailers ☚ Couple (Explicit)

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