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Reversing A Sexless Marriage with “The Polarity Technique”

Kids and career killed their sex life. THIS revived it! This is a story about how to revive your sex life using a technique called Small Offers.

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Stanley and Jackie were dead in the water sexually.

They got married, had two kids straight away, juggled two full-time careers…

And their sex life went to hell.

Jackie loved Stanley’s feminine aspects while they were still under the spell of their “new relationship energy.”

Stanley worked in human resources. Meanwhile, Jackie started work at a dog-eat-dog job and began making more money than he did.

Suddenly, he just wasn’t masculine enough for her.

This reversal of polarity destroyed their sex life.

She was tired from taking care of the kids and working a 60-hour a week job.

Plus her mommy-belly and saggy boobs shut her down. She didn’t feel at all sexy or attracted to Stanley.

When they went to bed, Jackie would wear a long granny nightgown, put in earplugs, put on an eye mask, roll over and start snoring.

He couldn’t cross the barricade of the pillow she lodged between them.


He tried date nights.

He begged her for sex.

But nothing worked. The barricade stayed put.

Then he called me. Stanley asked, “What do I do? I can’t get her to have sex with me anymore.”

I taught him about using Small Offers to help his wife remember the MAN she married and warm up to him again.

He couldn’t just change overnight and become instantly masculine. First of all, she’d be like: “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

He had to get his mojo back, and he had to get her libido switched back on.

With a little careful guidance, here’s what he did. (You can get more info on how to do this for yourself when you grab a copy of Sexual Soulmates.)

sexual soulmates ebook


First, Stanley took a masculine stand by adopting a powerful attitude: “Her problems are my problems. I’m going to help her become a woman who remembers her sexual self again.”

First, he used “Small Offers” to move Jackie toward her pleasure incrementally.

He focused on reminding her how much she loved him.

He planned a picnic with the kids. He wore a really nice, tight-fitting shirt. (He’d kept himself in great shape.)

He spread picnic snacks out on a blanket while the kids played around in the park… he fed her… he told her how sexy she was… how much he missed being close with her… how much he loved her.

At night he would move the pillow barricade and say, “I’d like to just give you a back rub and help you go to sleep.” That way he could start getting his hands on her body again.

Instead of giving up, or trying to get sex and be rejected, he gave her a series of small offers to reawaken her sexual desires.

He immediately started feeling more in control, more masculine.

And she noticed. His goal was to help her get back in touch with her body.

He started taking her out on walks so she could feel her body moving.

He’d put the kids in a stroller and push the stroller so she could walk, and they could walk as fast as they wanted to.

She not only enjoyed moving again, but she also started to shed the baby’s weight.

On their walks, he would tell her how much he loved her, what a beautiful woman she was, how much he admired her for all that she does for their family.

They began to celebrate the things they were doing well together as they strolled and talked. This warmed her to him again.


Next Stan used a strategy called, “Catch and Release.”

He would walk up, hug her, and walk away.

He would hold her and then let her go.

Suddenly, she was like, “Ooh, I like him holding me.”

“Oh, I like these back rubs.”

“I like these foot rubs.”

“Oh, I like these walks.”

“Ah… I love my husband.”

“Ohhh! I WANT my husband!”

Those little touches, moments of affection, and attention were tiny offers she could not refuse and, in fact, began to enjoy.

That was what finally rekindled their sex life.

They’re back again.

They’ve gotten through the terrible times.

Their kids are off to school now.

And their love life is back on an upward pleasure spiral!

Stan and Jackie are using all six of the essentials for connected sex from my new book, Sexual Soulmates.

Their sex life keeps getting hotter and sexier. They’ve never been happier with each other.

And you can have this too.

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“Most women don’t like to reveal their vulnerabilities… This makes it so you don’t feel like you’re exposing yourself.” – Meleah

One of the other six techniques is called Erotic Playdates. Even if you think your partner would never be open to erotic playdates, simply scale down the offers and make them right-size, taking into account their current state. Consider that they might be frightened or feel performance anxiety. Rather than give up, think back to when you first got together. That person is still inside there waiting to be coaxed out for some playful fun.

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Tomorrow I’ll tell you about Rachael and Denny, and how they use “Embodied Sex” to separate their minds and bodies from the world and everything happening in their lives, and just calm down and focus on having wonderful, passionate, connected sex and giving each other pleasure. More details in tomorrow’s email.

For now, you can download my new book, “Sexual Soulmates” to discover more about Embodied Sex.

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