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Tim’s Expanded Orgasm Set Up

Hey Susan (and team),

Every product you make is the best. I buy a lot and no one else compares.

In your latest “Fight Clean, Sex Dirty”interview you mentioned that your husband uses “a seat with good back support” for your Expanded Orgasm practice.

Expanded Orgasm Practice Explained


Watch Now <== Expanded Orgasm Practice Explained

I’m looking around the web and I’m not sure what your husband uses.

Can you point me in the right way?

Or offer one for your customers?

Thanks for any help here!

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the kind compliment.

Triple kisses for you.

We use a zafu — a buckwheat-filled meditation pillow — with another pillow behind Tim’s back.

Link to the Zafu Tim Uses On Amazon <== Click Here


I took this just yesterday as we were setting up for our Expanded Orgasm date…

The zafu raises him up well. He uses the wall for a backrest. He has a little neck roll pillow below his regular pillow to lift it a bit.

If you look at the Cunnilingus Pillow Position illustrations on this page, that’s how we settle me in comfortably for the Expanded Orgasm date.

We just don’t have my butt on a pillow for the Expanded Orgasm stroking. It’s not necessary.

Inside Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, Dr. Patti shows you how to set up for the date as well.

Let me know how your practice goes. This is truly a GAME CHANGER for having great sex for the rest of your life.

You are so smart to start an Expanded Orgasm practice with your wife. Ask questions anytime!

Here is a link to learn more about Expanded Orgasms and the practice itself.

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