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Why I Wish You’d Become A Multi-Orgasmic Man

“You kinda bang away at me and then you come.”

“The banging is not really doing it for me anymore. Sure, when we first met it was hot. But I want more, baby.”

I know you told me you feel like sex is already great for you. And that you get incredible pleasure from the orgasm you have with me. And you feel satisfied.

I love to see you come and I love to feel you come inside me.

It gives me a great sense of power and I feel very sexy when I know it is me that sends you into orgasmic bliss.

But now that I know what it’s like to be with a multi-orgasmic man, I want you to learn how to do it too.

If not for yourself, for me.

Our sex is like climbing a mountain and then walking off a cliff at the top.

You fuck me and you get more and more and more turned on. And then you come.

I’d like it better if I could see you having those orgasmic peaks over and over without sex ending when you explode inside me.

You kinda bang away at me and then you come.


Sometimes I can have orgasms, but a lot of the time I am trying really hard to come and the banging is not really doing it for me.

I’d like you to learn how to move your hips more. I like that pelvic thrust Jim teaches as part of the squeeze/breathe/thrust that combined together make the ME Breath technique.

ME stands for Much Ecstasy…and that’s what it’s like when I’m with a multi-orgasmic man instead of a one-and-done guy like you.

I don’t want to hurt your feelings. It’s not your fault you aren’t doing this. I mean I just learned about it three years ago.

Guys don’t know they can have full-body orgasms without ejaculating.

Guys think they have to ejaculate to have an orgasm. They don’t know these are separate systems in their body.

A lot of guys think if they are multi-orgasmic they don’t get to come — as in ejaculate.

But now you know you can still have that final ejaculatory explosion so you are not missing out on anything.

I want to see you have orgasm after orgasm while you’re fucking me. I think it would help me come more too.

I know it would be really hot if you were thrusting in me the way Jim shows in his program and we were kissing and I was coming and you were coming… over and over.

It’s bliss when we are together and I’m a selfish sex piggy.

I want even more pleasure together when we have a chance to make love.
I want you to be able to slow. way. down. and make love to me.
Can you please consider learning how to do the ME Breath?
Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men at 50% Off <== The ME Breath Sale Ends Monday and Goes OFF The Market
It would be so cool to see you spreading your orgasmic pleasure into your body, up into your heart like Jim teaches.
I want to have Heartgasms with you. That’s one of the techniques in the program.
Can we please take our lovemaking to a whole new level?
We just had our five year anniversary and our sex is great (but in all honesty it feels a little repetitive to me).
You know I am the kind of girl who likes to keep doing new things.
You are a hot piece of ass. I love how manly you are. But I would really love it if you’d step up and get the Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men program.
Jim has a lot of techniques in there I want to try beyond the Heartgasm.
I need you to keep bringing it in the bedroom for me. And that means opening your own body to more pleasure that I can enjoy with you.
Let me know if you’re willing.
I Adore You,
P.S. Susan and Jim are re-tooling the program and adding more new techniques.
Right now is the time to start because all the new techniques BUILD on the ME Breath foundation.
I will help you learn it by doing it with you when we make love.
But if you don’t buy it by MONDAY, not only will the sale be over, you won’t be able to get all the new techniques free as an automatic upgrade when they re-launch Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men in 2017.
Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men at 50% Off <== The ME Breath Sale Ends Monday and Goes OFF The Market
Buy it for me, baby.

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