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Teach Him How To Run You A Menu of Small Offers

This simple model moves you toward pleasure.

I don’t know if this is how it is for you…

But I want to want my man… and I get busy or too tired and then pfffft!

Another day goes by without intimacy.

To often our guys get worried about us rejecting them if they make us an offer for being physical.

So they just wait for us to take the lead.

But that’s not helping us feel feminine… so a stalemate ensues and a lot of pleasure goes by the wayside.

Here is a simple little “model” you can teach you guy so that he can more easily make you offers to which you’ll enthusiastically say, “Yes!”

This one technique is called, “Running Her A Menu of Small Offers” is described in this simple little downloadable ebook.


You can have it with my compliments.

Now, you are going to get the “man’s perspective” as you read it.

That will help you train him to run these menus for you.

He will forget. And when he makes you a single, “too big” offer, just ask for a menu.

With practice, he will get good at “right sizing” his offers for intimacy and you’ll both be happier.

This technique comes from, The Seduction Trilogy.

One of my top-selling programs, I had Dr. Patti Taylor write this for me. And I had Sloane Fox read it for the sexy audiobooks.

The Seduction Trilogy teaches you the Four Keys To Seduction.

Because men need a model that they can use to move you toward more pleasure and connection.

I think you’ll LOVE this Trilogy.

Not only does it teach you how to use the four keys to seduction in your relationship…

It also teaches you how to ask for what you want…

How to train your lover to be more responsive in bed…

And how to get in touch with your true feelings and share them safely…

I’m proud of this program. So proud. And so pleased to be able to offer a simple construct that helps couples in this key area of your lives.

So go grab “More Sex More Often” with my compliments.

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