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Myth Busted! Vaginal Lubrication and Penis Atrophy

“She’s WET so she’s turned on.”

What if she’s dry?

“Don’t stick it in until she’s wet.” <== WRONG!

If you think measuring a woman’s turn on by her level of vaginal lubrication is a good rule of thumb… think again. I have some good information for you to reconsider your belief in this 2-minute video.

There is only a 50% correlation between a woman’s vaginal lubrication and her level of arousal. She may be dry and turned on. She may be wet and not aroused. There are too many factors that go into a woman’s wetness to use the “if she’s wet she’s ready” rule in this day and age.

The prime indicator of arousal are her feelings of desire.

To get her to invite you in, give her body time and the stimulation she needs to get her whole erectile tissue network aroused. Her vulva is like his penis. It has just as much erectile tissue around and inside her vagina as his penis does. Her pussy needs to get an erection too…

The clitoris has a shaft and legs inside. These need to be stimulated so she gets a clit boner. Her clit will actually POP out when it’s engorged (filled with blood from stimulation). The pads on each side of her vagina — the labia majora where the pubic hair is — have these pillows under them that need to be puffed up.

Plus the perineal (between her rectum and vagina) and urethral (above the roof of her vagina inside her body) sponges are erectile tissue that loves stimulation too.

Engorgement — puffing up her erectile tissue — is the key to her orgasmic pleasure. The more engorged she is, the more orgasms she will have of all different kinds: G-Spot, Clit, Anal, Vaginal…

So if she’s in a cycle where she’s not well-lubricated, use organic oils such as grapeseed, avocado or coconut. Rub and stimulate her pussy inside and out, wherever it feels good to her. A vulva massage a few times a week will keep her in tip top shape for intercourse. And if her Yoni is atrophied from lack of sex, his penis is atrophied too. All men benefit from a cock massage with emphasis on the buried shaft root inside his abdomen. You get to it from under his balls.

Take turns using organic oils and giving each other genital massages a couple times a week.

I was talking to John Gray this week and he swears by organic Aloe Vera as a vaginal tissue moisturizer.

He says to put it in your vagina every day for three weeks to restore the tissue.

There’s much more on this video. So go watch:

Vaginal and Penis Optimal Health <== Suz and Jim Video

If you have any questions, post them under the video in the comments section on YouTube and I will answer them there.
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Susan Bratton Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media

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