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The Hidden Road Block to Great Sex With Your Wife

(The problem isn’t you.)

Before you got married, the sex was great. Sure, you’d heard of the post-honeymoon blah’s in the bedroom, but the two of you were so hot for one another, you never imagined it could happen to you.

Now, a few years into your relationship, you find yourself struggling to feel the passion you once had… or even find time to connect intimately. Worse, you can’t figure out what happened to that delicious tension you used to feel at the mere anticipation of getting your hands on each other. Now you may be feeling insecure about even asking for sex.

I want to help you turn this around before your confusion turns into dread. What I want to share with you is the real reason you’re not getting the intense and passionate sex you long for and crave.

The real problem isn’t you, it isn’t your lover’s failing libido, it isn’t even the everyday stress of your busy lives you’ve both identified as the reason you don’t rip each other’s clothes off anymore.

The real reason may surprise you.

I really want you to hear this because, as we all know, you can’t possibly solve a problem if you don’t know where the source of the problem is. The impasse between the sheets is a direct result of a lie you’ve been fed about married sex. I call it “The Big Married Sex Lie” and while it takes a gazillion different forms it can be summed up in the phrase: the honeymoon is over. In other words, the most fun you’re ever going to have in bed is in the past. Nonsense. You simply need to understand why the honeymoon ended and how you can get back that newlywed feeling again.

“Sex in a relationship rarely ends because the love between two people weakens; sex in a relationship typically ends because the polarity between two people weakens.” — Susan Bratton

Polarity is what ignites passion. The attraction between opposite poles –in this case masculinity and femininity –makes it impossible for them to ignore one another. If he’s the one who does all the chores in an attempt to please her (no woman wants to have sex with a housewife) he has likely emasculated himself. If she wears the pants in the family, it will be harder for her to get in touch with her feminine side and tap into her sexual desire.

A woman needs her man to show up as strong and consistent, the one who can handle whatever comes up, won’t be intimidated by her emotions, and will lead rather that follow. In short, she needs a man she can rely on. His masculine role is to provide for her (structure and security), not “do” for her (run around trying to please). Ultimately, you want to romance her rather than going after her sexually. This gives her a chance to feel that essential polarity. You want the man-woman tension to builds so she wants to be intimate and comes to you with her desire.

Romancing her is escalation that starts with giving her sensual rather than sexual attention. You want to get her back in her body and the best way to do that is not through her genitals, but through her senses to get her feeling her body again. You have to turn her animal back on. Start with getting her body moving. Take her on a walk or a bike ride, take her out in a rowboat, anything where you are conveying her. This is the key: you are in charge. She must surrender to your lead. And the forward movement creates the polarity that sets her body up to want touch.

You must be prepared for her to push you away at first. Maintain your steadfast commitment. Her mind may control her body for a time and you need to get underneath her mind for her body to start feeling desire again. Get her to taste good food, smell delicious things, perhaps light a scented candle for the bedroom. A warm glow makes her body look pretty, encouraging her to open herself.

Learn to touch her without sexual intent: touch her softly on her upper back first, then on her waist. If she warms to your touch, brush her hips and then place your hand briefly lower, toward her butt. But be careful not to linger and for godsakes, save the spanking for later. Wait to see if she responds positively to having your hands on her. Engage her sense of hearing by making a playlist of songs she’ll enjoy, start whispering your love for her in her ear; that will make her feel wonderful, even if she pushes you away. Most important of all: don’t react or take it personally if she does push you away. Be steadfast in your commitment to awaken her body. Remember, your goal is not to get her in bed at this early stage, your goal is to get her feeling again. Read The Passion Patch and learn the most effective, not-overtly sexual but incredibly sensual touch techniques that turn a woman on. You should touch her for rapture, not for effect. Love her like crazy. Let her get her anger out. Just weather it and listen. Soon she’ll start warming to you.

You are going to love this. Do not let another moment go by without stepping up and taking on the challenge of being the man your ladylove can’t resist. Click on the links here:

The Passion Patch
How To Touch Her For Rapture (part of a 3 book free series on expanded lovemaking)

I will immediately send you step-by-step instructions to make the challenge fun. This information will turn her into a sex kitten who begs you to pet her and make her purr.

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  1. I will try this, after the birth of our second child…her senses increased. Her taste, hearing and her sense of smell is insanely sharper than a knife…

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