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How the hip drop STROKE works inside her vagina. (VIDEO)

Advanced intercourse technique increases orgasmic pleasure.

Here’s a quick 4-minute video where I explain the benefits of the intercourse penis stroke that Jim Benson teaches in his Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men program.

The hip drop stroke is an alternative to what most men do when they are having intercourse.
I describe what most men do as the “porn piston.” They pump straight in and out.

The thrust that Jim demonstrates inside Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men feels incredible inside a woman’s vagina. It is one of the reasons this “squeeze-breathe-thrust” technique for stamina and heart-connection is so beloved by women. This stroke gets her G-Spot and perineal tissue erect inside her vagina for more intense orgasmic pleasure.

Watch The Video ==> The ME Breath Benefits for HER THE THRUST BENEFITS

Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men is a series of 5 videos that teach a guy how to do the squeeze (two kinds of PC pumps), the breathe (manages his arousal levels) and the thrust (relaxes his pelvis while delivering this hip drop stroke that engorges her vagina trigger her most intense orgasms.

This is a move that automatically lets him make love for as long as he wants to and delivers incredible pleasure to her.

You won’t see this technique ANYWHERE else.  This is a cutting edge and exclusive men’s sexual technique.  It’s rooted in Taoist practices for stamina, but it is NOT semen retention… The guy gets to come when he wants to and the ME Breath makes his orgasms feel even better.

If you have having intercourse, try this technique now. It’s the most revolutionary program I’ve published since creating Expand Her Orgasm Tonight with Dr. Patti.

We’ve sold over 3,000 copies of this technique and the sale ends 6/1/16 at Midnight Eastern.

Save 57% and get $1,573 in extremely amazing additional techniques as bonuses, including The Energy Cock and Chi Breath and the Wild at Heart series of heart-connection techniques for passionate lovemaking.

Don’t wait. Sale is ending.

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