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Discover Why So Many Women Can’t Come During Lovemaking

Discover Why So Many Women Can’t Come During Lovemaking

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“I can’t come because I’m too in my head or focused on how I look.”

Want to know how to get out of your head?

Want to know how you can overcome body shame and feel great about yourself during sex?

Read on!


According to Cosmo magazine’s recent survey in their LOVE+LUST special issue, here are the responses to:

When You Don’t Orgasm With A Partner, What Are The Most Common Obstacles?

50% I feel like I’m almost there but can’t quite get over the edge.

38% Not enough clitoral stimulation.

35% Not the right kind of clitoral stimulation from my partner.

32% I’m too in my own head or focused on how I look.

Stress indeed is the #1 reason women have trouble taking our pleasure.

And body image is a huge deterrent to surrender for most women — especially 30-50-year-old women.

So what can be done? Let’s break it down into top solutions for each of the two biggest issues…


  1. Take time before lovemaking to deal with any unresolved emotional issues. You’re not a sex machine. You’re a human being. Give yourself the time and space to drop into the love bubble without pressure to perform.
  2. Communicate anything that is holding you back from fully surrendering and enlist your partner in helping you work around, overcome or compromise so you can relax.
  3. Ask to be held and teach your lover how to hold you (use this Soulmate Embrace technique), so you can relax. Allowing your breathing to slow down and your nervous systems to connect gets your body prepared for foreplay.
  4. Look into each other’s eyes and connect, really SEE each other as the beautiful lovers you are.
  5. Remind yourself that you deserve this pleasure. If you feel yourself thinking about things, bring yourself back, over and over, to the sensations you’re feeling in your body. Take this time for yourself. Remember that sensual time reboots and distresses your nervous system and is a tribute to your health and welfare.
  6. If your partner notices you dissociating, have them bring you back to your body. If you like verbal feedback about how your body is relaxing, your lover can tell you things he notices about getting turned on.


“I feel you surrendering into my arms. Let it go, baby. I’m here, and I have you.”

“Your belly is loosening, and I feel your outer lips softening under my fingertips.”

  1. Make sure the place in which you’re making love is comfortable, and you can relax. Take time before beginning to set everything the way you like it.

Here’s an audio Susan recorded that you can listen to with your lover to determine the optimal context for lovemaking.

The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date ⇐ Free Audio for Lovers

  1. Give yourself plenty of foreplay. Allow yourself to get turned on. Don’t push for quickies. Take time to escalate your arousal.


Here’s an audio Susan recorded that you can listen to with your lover to learn more about ways to escalate arousal.

Foreplay Techniques ⇐ Erotic Escalation MP3

  1. Remember that your little animal’s body likes something different each day. Listen to your body’s needs and ask your lover to accommodate your sexual mood. Here is an easy sexual communication technique you can use.

Reporting In From Your Animal ⇐ Sexual Soulmate Pact Communication Skill

  1. Try meditation to help your mind more easily slip into the delta state. The sexual trance state is the same brainwave frequency as meditation. 

The less pressure you put on yourself, the more easily you’ll achieve orgasm.

Bonus strategy for coming more easily… is FANTASY! Either think of sexy things in your head or get your lover to lead you through a sexual fantasy as they are pleasuring you.

Here is Susan’s video about Sharing Sexual Fantasies.

How To Have Exotic Erotic Sex ⇐ Video About Safely Sharing Fantasies

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  1. This is all 100% true. No female ever O’s without surrender to her lover. And the main reason is most females do not TRUST the men they give themselves too.. You go the WRONG guy ladies !! Get the right one !!

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