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How To Find Her “SPOT” Every Time (Engorgement 4 of 4)

How To Find Her “SPOT” Every Time (Engorgement 4 of 4)

Clitoral Stimulation Couples Exercise Included! Learn how to find the g spot.

By now you are an engorgement expert.

You know how important it is for a woman to be engorged and how that helps her feel more pleasure and become more orgasmic.

It’s pure joy to receive an engorgement genital massage. If you want to discover more powerful techniques to bring a woman to orgasm (or if you’re a woman, have your lover bring YOU to intense orgasms, check out Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. This is a simple stroking technique that allows women to be in an orgasmic pleasure state for 30 minutes or more.


We are going deeper into technique in this fourth installment with:

These technical articles will give you plenty of moves to try on yourself or your lover.

If there is ONE THING that makes sex better, it’s when the woman is fully engorged.

Everything feels more delicious and it’s almost like her guy can touch her nearly anywhere and it will give her an orgasm.

Please remember to comment below any article that particularly moves you or one that you really appreciate getting from us.

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  1. Dear reader,
    I would like to thank you for this article that you published, as I read it in a few words I see that it is important for a woman to feel engorged or erect.
    I am currently a man, who has a girlfriend that I love with my whole heart.

    I had not have had sex before with my girlfriend. She once before came over for a sleep over at my place. I tried to make sexual contact with her. She did not refuse at all. The problem is that I was stumbling because I do not know how to tease her or to even make her in the mood.

    How do I make an engorgement to her?
    Where do I start? Is she maybe not willing yet to engage in sexual intercourse with me?
    I even tried to make her hold my sexual organ, but she did not make effort for us to go ahead and do sex even though I was honest and once told her that I am an inexperienced and do not know sex or how to pleasure a woman except showing my true love to her.

    • Hi Mhlengi,
      Here is a free workshop, Making Her Multi-Orgasmic, that will show you all about how to pleasure a woman.

  2. Very helpful info I could see how sex easily lasts several hours with these techniques

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