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↺ Replay Link: 5 Strategies To Try New Things In The Bedroom

Write these exact words down.

“He doesn’t care about me or my needs.”

“I’ll never get what I want.”

“I’m not good enough for you.”

“I’m not lovable or accepted as I am.”

Watch The Replay ==> “5 Highly-Effective Strategies To Get Your Partner Try New Things In The Bedroom… No Matter How Stubborn, Shy or Stuck In A Groove They Are.”

Susan Campbell and Susan Bratton 510x320

The free online workshop Dr. Susan Campbell and I did was more actionable and straightforward than months of $250 sessions with a psychotherapist.



Because Dr. Susan cut to the chase and just TOLD YOU WHAT TO SAY to your partner if you want more sexual variety and novelty.

Here is the replay link  This link to watch the replay will not expire…

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Interestingly during the workshop, 80% of the buyers of Steamy Sex Ed® were WOMEN.

1.  If you have a history of caving in to your partner…
2.  If your partner thinks they are not the kind of person to watch tasteful sex ed videos… (or learn anything new for that matter)
3.  If you are afraid of hurting your partner’s ego by suggesting they learn some new bedroom skills…

Then watch this highly informative, very valuable discussion where you can understand why your partner’s core fears (and yours, Sweetie) are getting triggered.

Watch The Replay ==> “5 Highly-Effective Strategies To Get Your Partner Try New Things In The Bedroom… No Matter How Stubborn, Shy or Stuck In A Groove They Are.”

Take as long as you’d like to watch the workshop, but don’t miss out on the Steamy Sex ED® Sale .

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Core Fears Workshop ==> “5 Highly-Effective Strategies To Get Your Partner Try New Things In The Bedroom… No Matter How Stubborn, Shy or Stuck In A Groove They Are.”

2 Responses

  1. And what do you have for us women whose husband or boyfriend is impotent and doesn’t want you to do anything with him and he doesn’t want to start something he can’t finish.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Your husband or boyfriend’s impotence can take many forms. It may be a lack of desire, progressive desensitization from watching porn, shame or abuse from his past, a physical issue making it difficult for him to achieve or maintain an erection due to anything from his diet and general health to an issue such as Peyronies disease or such. There are all kinds of “impotence.” And there are many, many solutions depending on what the reason is.
      Do not take his impotence personally. It is 99% nothing that you are doing or about his love for you.
      Bring your kind heart and compassion to a healing conversation with him and keep talking and probing until you get an idea of what it might be.
      Start with nutrition, no matter what the case. Get him off of processed foods and drinks of all kinds and get him eating whole, organic foods. Cook for him as much as you can. That’s very helpful for men when they have a partner who feeds them nutrition. This will help his body become stronger to counteract any emotional or physical issues.
      If it’s depression or shame, get to the root of it and use tools such as cognitive based therapies to bring the issues into the light and let them go. Listening to Jim Benson’s Multi Orgasmic Lover for Men Workshop called, Get Hard Stay Hard will also help him understand what some of the emotional issues might be. Jim covers a myriad of issues and what to do about them in that content rich workshop.
      If you and he believe there is a physical ailment, go see a highly experienced urologist. That is the doctor with the most expertise in erectile function.
      With you by his side, he can figure out how to solve or work around his issue.
      And in the meantime, you can let him know you need holding and hugs. And perhaps you can take up an Expanded Orgasm practice together? Expand Her Orgasm Tonight by Dr. Patti Taylor is a genital massage technique where he will stroke you with a certain pattern using his hands and this pattern will let you have the most delicious orgasms.
      There are 21 Sandbox Dates inside Expand Her Orgasm Tonight that you two do together as a couple’s project to learn this technique.
      Before I could have vaginal orgasms, Tim and I started the Expanded Orgasm practice and that was what allowed my body to learn how to have orgasms when he was inside me, after the Expanded Orgasm stroking. It engorges your genitals which increases your arousal and orgasmic response.
      He will enjoy giving you this pleasure and will begin to feel like a real stud just from giving you these orgasms. That may help him begin to connect again to his arousal because you will be so turned on.
      You can also give him oral pleasure and hand jobs to build up his “erection muscles.” Bringing blood and engorgement to his penis, if even for a short time or only a little will build and build on itself and aid in his “healing.” Search our site at the top right for articles on “suckling” and “buried cock” to see diagrams and ideas for increasing his erectile firmness really well.
      Finally, don’t be worried or sad! His chances are EXCELLENT that with healthy dietary changes, going for walks every day, addressing the key issues both mental and physical will easily get him to the point where he’s a horny dog for you! 🙂
      Let me know how things go.
      With Love and Support,

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