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HOT Kissing Technique For Women

HOT Kissing Technique For Women

HOT kissing is one of life’s magical moments.

Maybe your most rapturous kisses happened  in the back of the car, tucked in a doorway, on his couch or out in nature with the birds chirping…

Here’s a REALLY HOT kissing technique that will make you unforgettable to him.


Tantra is ancient sensual wisdom from our elders, passed down throughout the eons of humanity. Tantric loving is slow, heart-connected and very present and intentional. It’s wildly romantic too!

The Tantric Kiss includes two powerful techniques in one:

  1. Making sweet eye contact.
  2. Putting your full attention on each other. (“getting present”)

When you suggest to a guy that you do some Tantric Kissing he’s going to get really excited.

Guys LOVE kissing, especially wet kissing, so you’re going to have to slow him down…

As well, it’s best to have him lead you, instead of you showing him what to do.

This is where the feminine wiles come into play.

Explain how it works and then just let him run the scene.

Even if he doesn’t get it right the first time, it will make him feel very masculine.

If you try to direct him, it lowers your polarity.

So just give him simple directions and then sit back and make the most of whatever he does. Surrender to his process.

That way you can see if he’s sensual and good at leading or not.


Clear your minds and sit down face to face on your bed or a comfortable place in your home.

Touch your foreheads together like the couple in the picture above.

Spend a few minutes getting your breathing to slow down.

Let the world fall away and be completely present to this moment you two are sharing.

Keep a lingering gaze – make eye contact with each other.

(You can tell a lot about a man’s integrity and confidence by how well he can hold your gaze.)

He can hold your hands in his or begin stroking you lightly in a sensual manner.

Tease each other with your lips with, but don’t go in for a full kiss.

You want to increase desire for each other… build up the excitement here.

He can kiss your cheeks, eyelids and forehead.

Women love this kind of sweet kissing and eye contact.


As he warms you up, he can nibble your lips and earlobes and kiss down your neck.

In the future, this Tantric Kiss can proceed into the most divine lovemaking…

He can slowly trace his lips down your body and lick, nibble and tease your skin to activate your sensation.

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Susan Queen Of HeartsSusan is a trusted advisor to millions of married couples who want lifelong intimacy and passion together. Known for her programs including Relationship Magic, 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic, Revive Her Drive and the Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection, Susan is beloved by couples worldwide for helping them keep the flame of passion alive in their relationships.


  1. This woman claims to be a sex expert lol. If she showed up in one of those stupid get-ups I’d throw her ass out. NO Leg for you babe.

    • Hi El Vagabondo,
      I know not everyone likes my silly costumes, apparently you are one of those people. That being said, my information is superlative and you could learn much. And sometimes it’s nice not to be so serious!

      • some folks just can’t be helped-Wear your funny clothes, susan we don’t care..

        • sorry about the mistype of my name.

  2. Very helpfull education, i want more and more.

  3. Love erotic DVDs

    • Us too! 🙂

      • Thanks for your advice I think it will help a lot of people… 😉 PS Keep up with the outfits there fatastic!!

        • Great life and simple despite many of the complexities of the family in particular and his hidden behind the walls of marital status if found puts you in the correct format and simple, and shows you the right road straight as non-side entrances and twists and turns, you are magnificent and topics you spark concerns and moves the underlying sense of .

  4. you are doing a very noble and rare service to us….there seems to be time for everything in this world , except enjoying life !

    • True!
      Susan is great and sharing so much for so many!!
      Ps. Adorable fun costume.

      • Love you, Lauren!

  5. I love that cute outfit Susan. I love your advice. A lot of it I know, but you have given me some new ideas. I like this kissing technique and can’t wait to use I t with my boyfriend.

  6. I bought the DVDs and my partner and I watched them together. They are very sexy but matter of fact. We both learned a lot although she felt uncomfortable. Our lovemaking keeps getting better and better. Thank you!

  7. I was all hopeful, but my heart sank with these words:

    “When you suggest to a guy that you do some Tantric Kissing he’s going to get really excited. Guys LOVE kissing, especially wet kissing, so you’re going to have to slow him down… As well, it’s best to have him lead you, instead of you showing him what to do.”

    Though I was always told by numerous guys that I was a fanTAStic kisser, and I still kiss very sensuously (all over) and use a variety of kisses, my partner repeatedly says he (so he IS a man) does NOT like kissing, and never has! He can’t end the kissing portion of lovemaking FAST enough!

    What are you supposed to do with someone like THAT???

    • Cushy,
      I would ask your partner what it is about kissing he doesn’t like. It may be your style doesn’t match his. Maybe he feels like your space is too close? Or he is a little claustrophobic… You cannot KNOW, so you must ask.

      He also may be willing to try some baby steps or give you his finger to suck while he’s making love to you.
      Or you could try having a small dildo in your mouth… I mean you can get very clever about having your oral desires satisfied if you just open up to some creative possibilities.

      Ask him and report back what his specific issues are with kissing in general and kissing with you specifically. Let’s see if we can open him to the pleasure…

      One guy had an emotional trauma from junior high school… This girl plunged her tongue in his mouth when they were kissing and it scared him. He’s been tongue-shy his whole life.

      These things happen.

      Just find out more and see what you can do to meet half way.


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