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Getting A Hot Date This Saturday

Getting A Hot Date This Saturday

Anticipation…. almost as good as doing it.

Steamy Sale Is Closing. Limited Time Exclusive Offer! Don’t miss out.

Hey, Love Bug!

The single best reason you should take a second right now and get yourself a copy of Steamy Sex Ed is this:

On Saturday — maybe even earlier — you could be lying in bed with a hot date watching one of the DVD’s from my super awesome collection of lovemaking techniques. Or collecting techniques to be the hottest lover your next partner ever had.

Steamy Sex Ed  <=== Exclusive Limited Offer Ends Soon

I doubt it will be sold out today, but I can’t make any promises.


The 60% off Steamy Sex Ed Collection sale is almost over. Don’t miss out.

Every time I have a sale, some people miss out and don’t get a copy. We sell completely out… and fast!

I haven’t offered Steamy Sex Ed for over a year.

I pressed 1,500 copies and I less than half left now and as the copies diminish this week they will sell like HOTCAKES!


The truth is, the single best way to possess a wide knowledge of new sexual ideas and techniques is to watch real couples making love.

And before today, the only option has been porn.

But most, if not ALL porn feels frantic and empty to women —because it lacks the romance and connection that nearly all us gals crave.

That’s why I created the Steamy Sex Ed DVD collection —so that any man or woman could confidently watch it and your next partner would kiss you in appreciation for being so amazing in bed…  and even be excited to watch it together.

So you have to click this link NOW if you want to even consider owning your own copy.


Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection <=== Limited Time Offer Ends Soon

You can check it out and decide for yourself that you want it.

Steamy Sex Ed is the best training program ever created for couples to get on that upward pleasure spiral that lasts forever… and for singles to be ready when that special lover comes along.

The more variety of options you have, the better your lovemaking.

I guarantee that you do NOT know all of these techniques and positions and strategies for lovemaking, no matter how good you are in bed. And the best lovers are the ones who are constantly adding to their knowledge base… gaining new skills for more pleasure.

This is heart-connected, conscious lovemaking at it’s finest. Depicted by attractive couples in beautiful settings.


Steamy Sex Ed will prevent boredom and make your sex life FUN!

  1. It’s safe for Christians and other more religiously-oriented people.
  2. There is an EZ-PAY payment program.
  3. You can order by phone Toll Free 888-963-9025 Press Extension #1 to order or +1 (650) 948-0500 to leave a message and we will call you back.
  4. There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Buy it. Try it for 30 days. If it’s not right for you (I promise you’ll love it!) then send it back for a full refund.
  5. This offer will end very soon. If you want to experience Steamy Sex Ed for yourself, take action NOW. (digital and DVD options available)

Steamy Sex Ed  <=== Exclusive Limited Offer Ends Soon

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