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How To Get Over Being MAD

Hey, sometimes people do mean things that hurt us.

They could be a sociopath, self-centered, emotionally broken or just a dipstick… You never know.

But that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto your upset.

Remember that adage, “Forgive and Forget?”


If you’re addled with anger or any negative feeling, it’s certainly fine to process it.

But it’s also good, after a while, to simply let the negative thoughts go as they come up.

You have the choice in every moment to dwell or move on.

Take the path of forgiveness… Forgive yourself for getting you into whatever happened… Forgive the other person for their actions.

Think about it this way:

That mean person is literally doing “the best they can do.”

Sure, sometimes that is NOT GOOD AT ALL! And you get hurt.

But compassion for their foibles is a great start at forgiving and then FORGETTING.

Life is too short to focus on what went wrong.

Focus on what is going right, and then pour gasoline on the fires of what’s working for you.

Light a match on your success and forgive and forget your failures.

This will lower your stress and increase your happiness.

Here’s another one for you.

buddha - letting go

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