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How To Feel More Spiritually Connected In Your Intimate Relationship

How To Feel DEEPLY Connected In Relationship: The 3 Simple Practices That Generate Spiritual Connection In Couples

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Deepening The Spiritual Connection And Relationships

Making Spirituality Tangible: Easy, Daily Practices for Being Happier, More Fulfilled, Creating Better Relationships, and Living the Life you Love!

Tara Vossenkemper featured Susan Bratton on her tele-summit about the spiritual aspects of intimacy.

Susan explains the three practices that integrate spirituality with sexuality:

Supporting each other’s Relationship Values, Making Small Offers and Expanded Orgasmic States of Rapture.

Wait ‘Till You See:

What are relationship values and how do they work?

What is a Small Offer and why is this important?

You say that Expanded Orgasm can connect a couple in spiritual rapture. WOW. Explain how that works.

5 Responses

  1. We know that women have far more complex minds then do men. Woman also have an imagination far more vivid then do men. Sometimes this complex mind and vivid imagination can be destructive.

    We live in a culture of victum hood, and resentments and then punishments. Victum hood and resentments = power and control. But power and control do not lead to intimacy, happiness and healthy relationships. Often they seem to be the ending of relationships.

    Punishment, either self inflicted or in an abusive environment is a deeply damaging behavior.

    So the question is; what does one do with a partner focused on control through resentments, angers, and punishment?

  2. You speak of that moment of standing on the cliff and being afraid to take the next step. I think you’ve hit the issue that fear keeps many women from taking that step.

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