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Learn How To Adjust Your Orgasmic Strokes To Her Needs

“When I am ovulating, I need to have several orgasms a day.” – Sona

Our hormones RUN us. Especially women. Especially sexually.

That’s why it’s important to adjust your orgasmic strokes to her needs as they change from moment to moment.


Different women (and the same woman on different dates or in different parts of the same date) display varying tolerances for friction (stroking the surface of the skin). This tolerance depends on her level of engorgement and arousal, hormone levels, and general preference.

Experiment with stroking over the skin.

First move your lubricated finger on the surface of her skin, creating some degree of friction.

Then compare that to stroking through the skin…

Where your lubricated finger moves while connected with the surface of her skin, so that the stroke is actually moving the tissue underneath her skin.

This is a subtle shift. As much intentional as physical…

Within Expand Her Orgasm Tonight the main ebook is Master Practices.

Within that report I show you not only 8 different kinds of clitoral strokes, but the pressures and speeds that give a lover the range of stroke techniques to hold his woman in an expanded orgasmic experience.

There is so much joy to learning these strokes.

With just a bit of practice, you will have a range of techniques to adjust to what her genitals want in that moment.

As you stroke her, she will become more and more engorged, requiring minute adjustments to the strokes you’re delivering.

You will go from clumsy thumbed masher to deftly articulate digits in no time.

If your lover is not begging you to stroke her genitals on a nearly daily basis, you can both benefit greatly from the Expanded Orgasm stroking patterns.

Once you know how to bring her incredible pleasure with every touch, she will surrender herself to your pleasuring.

Women, get this program and watch and learn, then teach your men.

It is not the man’s sole responsibility to pleasure you – it is your responsibility to guide them in their learning of how to please you, how to make you come, and how to get you off

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