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Discover What Your Husband Needs To Make You Happy

“I felt guilty being so bored with him.”

Did your husband end up being someone you raised kids and split bills with?

Here’s a sad truth. 

Many lovers end up in relationships that seem like glorified roommates, cohabiting with each other, and no longer have the intimate spark that bound them together in the first place. 

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Instead of a loving husband, you get a glorified roommate. You spend lonely nights watching TV in separate rooms instead of being held securely in your husband’s arms.

Instead of a life partner, your husband ends up as someone you raise kids and split bills with. Your cold relationship makes you feel empty, always needing more but never finding it.

Shopping can’t fill that void.

Neither TV nor food can fill it either.

You continue the same dull conversations and feel guilty for being so bored with a man you’re supposed to adore.

You just want a soulmate, but the bond you once shared disappears. You’d sooner light your hair on fire than continue down this miserable path.

You deserve to stay madly, deeply, and passionately in love for decades.

But if your husband doesn’t meet your needs…

And he isn’t figuring out how to make you happy…

Give him the answer with this…

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Tim and Susan


The pain my husband and I went through to be here with you now brought us to our knees as a couple.

After 11 years of being together, our marriage was already on its deathbed.

We lost our intimate connection in the flurry of dual careers, raising our daughter, and running our household.

We were co-habiting … The passion was gone.

As friend after friend got divorced, we were tormented and emotionally shattered ourselves… inches away from splitting up.

I still believed in love. Tim still believed in love.

But “intention” wasn’t good enough.

As if starting over at 45 wasn’t enough to fill us with dread, we were more panicked about ruining our little girl’s childhood.

So we went to personal growth events, did couples’ workshops, and spent a fortune on marriage counselors to re-spark the fire.

Then Tim said one thing that changed our relationship forever…

“I wish I had a cheat sheet to figure you out!”

Lightning struck.

That was it.

Suddenly, I became clear on what we had to do.

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Once Tim and I did the simple exercise I shared with you in my ebook, every day has been filled with incredibly positive energy, pure love, delight, and dedication to one another


I only had to uncover what it was I needed.

Once he had a detailed description of how he could help me feel he was meeting my needs, he could stop treating me how HE wanted to be treated… because until now, that’s all he knew how to do until now.

Tim needed to KNOW exactly what to do to make me unbelievably happy and in love with him. (Really, your husband won’t believe how easy it is.)

Taking a few minutes has resulted in a mutual appreciation that grows stronger every minute.

But we came so close to earning our broken hearts club membership.

Now I can’t keep my hands off him, even though we’ve been wearing these wedding bands for over twenty years.

CBS Guesting Susan

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You’re moments away from returning to that honeymoon stage and having a marriage that gets sweeter, closer, and more intimate as time passes.

Tim and Susan 1

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