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Circumcision: The Reason Over Half Of Women Don’t Have Orgasms From Intercourse?

“When the skin system of the penis is amputated, our co-created genitals can no longer collaborate as needed.” — Sheri Winston

My friend Lee told me he was hanging weights from what was left of his foreskin to encourage it to grow back to cover his penile glans.

He was angry that his parents circumcised him. He didn’t get the choice.

And he began foreskin restoration to regrow his prepuce.

In Sheri Winston’s impressive new book, Succulent Sexcraft, she says the following. See if you can relate:

“Circumcision is an ignorant, hurtful and harmful thing to do. The word is actually a euphemism — the medical term is foreskin amputation, but it’s really male genital mutilation.”


She says:

1) The emotional and physical trauma has lifelong effects

2) Removing healthy tissue is a human rights violation

3) There is an ecology of healthy penis tissue whereby the smegma is a secretion of sebaceous material, pheromones, emollients, lubricants and protective antibodies that are compromised when the foreskin is amputated

4) Circumcised penises have less pleasure

According to Sheri, the foreskin makes up 20-25% of the your penis skin. So when you cut off 25% of your skin, you lose that much pleasure from loss of nerve endings.

But here’s the real rub!

When you lose your foreskin, your glans (tip of your dick) get calloused and lose even more sensation.

And it gets worse.

Worse for your sex partners…

Sheri says the reason that over half of women in our culture don’t have orgasms from intercourse is because, “When the skin system of the penis is amputated, our co-created genitals can no longer collaborate as needed.”

“During vaginal intercourse, the foreskin acts as a loose sleeve that remains relatively motionless in the vagina, allowing the penis to glide in and out in a mostly friction free manner. Circumcised men often need a lot of thrusting to get the extra friction they need to get off since they lack all the foreskin’s wonderful nerve endings. Foreskin owners tend to use a connected hip-rocking motion more than the old in-and-out. Chicks dig this: Less friction means less irritation, and less thrusting means more contact with the entire erectile networks. Together this translates into more pleasure. While friction may be the circumcised man’s best friend, it’s often not the woman’s.”

This is another reason why it’s good to use some lubrication during sex, especially if you’re circumcised. I recommend any kind of organic oil you could make into a salad dressing. If you can eat it, you can put it on your genitals. Coconut, grape seed, and avocado — as long as they are light in color and most odorless — are excellent and low cost choices for lubrication.

Her genitals are delicate tissue. Try to keep any chemicals out of her Yoni.

And finally, if you’re circumcised, you can look into the many options for foreskin restoration, but most of all, what’s done is done. Forgive and let go of your upset and deal with what IS. There is a wonderful male solo play exercise in Succulent Sexcraft called, Healing Circumcision Trauma which you may want to try.

Keep your penis covered so it stays sensitive, use lubrication for lovemaking and pass on this knowledge to others around you so we can end genital mutilation for both men and women worldwide.

I Feel You I Heal You.

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14 Responses

  1. The other great American female sex educator, Betty Dodson, is open about the fact that she has had many partners of both kinds, including a cut husband who was unable to satisfy her, an intact boyfriend for about 20 years, and many casual relationships, including with European men. Her current lover is cut. Her conclusion, based on 60 years of a very varied sexual experiences, is that intact men and their women partners enjoy sex more.

    1. The greater sensitivity of intact men does not men they ejaculate more quickly. Instead, they thrust more slowly and more gently. Most women find this less abrasive and more sensual.
      Social media have done a great deal to educate young American women about the foreskin and its sexual advantages. When I was growing up, it was very difficult to find printed matter showing what the foreskin is. It was impossible to find anything in print explaining how the foreskin enhances sexual acts.
      I strongly suspect that circumcised men are more reluctant to use condoms. If I am right, this alone could explain the STD pandemic in the USA.

  2. Scientifically and mechanically the circumcised penis has definite disadvatages It seems, however the body is very good at “adapting” to the cards its dealt. I have just began trying restoration in doubt that it would really make any difference. However I have experienced one thing I find totally unexpected and strange. When I have the glands covered I notice my pelvic area a lot more relaxed, less guarding I assume, and my entire pelvic region feels more “at ease” and I feel some type of comfort that I am not sure I can explain I can immedialty notice if the retaining device comes off by the tension in my pelvic region. Strange and unusual and possibly a “head game” 🙂 on my part courious if anyone notices similar feelings

  3. as a woman, the first three men i ever slept with were uncut. none of them gave me orgasms just because they were uncut. please stop perpetuating that lie, not to mention wtf is the point of this article? to pray on men’s insecurities? to make women feel like they’re somehow missing out if they sleep with a cut dude?

    1. Kakkyuu,
      The very last thing we are trying to do is to prey on men’s insecurities. If you read our work, you will see that we are a champion of mens’ sexuality.
      If you spoke as intimately with as many men as we do about their deeply personal sexual lives, you would know that many men are very upset with the fact that they were circumcised.
      Yet, just as many of the men on our list were equally OUTRAGED at my recent article covering Sheri Winston’s opinion that circumcised men experience genital mutilation and circumcision reduces sensation in a man’s penis.

      So I invited Sheri onto a video to respond to your comments. <=== Watch The Video

      1. Bullshit in fact on the contrary it is best for cleaniness and circumcised men also can f**k you for a long period of time hence your chances of orgasm increases 100 folds.

    2. I think we really need to stop the practice. Men who have been circumcised are now informed, it is not meant to hurt anyone!

    3. Yeah, nope. I didnt Interpret that, not at all, that what was said was to be interpreted as guys who are uncircumcised automatically will give women orgasms, just because they are uncircumcised. Nor did i look at it as preying on my insecurities, as I am uncircumcised. How did u extract THOSE incorrect/untrue ideas?!

  4. ustapha …YOU may think you don’t have problems, but the women with whom you have sex surely do suffer. Perhaps they are too conscious of the possibility of hurting your feelings to tell you.

    See sexasnatureintendedit site.

  5. I’m not agree with this article. I’m circumciside at 6 year olde and i have now 66 years. No problem from my penis . May be my libido is not good sufficent now.

    1. I, I, I, My, My.

      I read 5 times “me”, but this article was about the womens part in having sex with a cut man.

      But I am quite happy, that word is spreading that not only men have disadvantages after being cut.

  6. Yes, I discovered this same information about a year ago and realised this is one reason why my woman and I have had such troubles over the years. I am now in process of restoring also, a year has got me about 1/3 of the way to where I want to get using TLC-X_Tugger.

    1. Jack, when flaccid you should be able to pull loose skin of the shaft over then end of the penis. If you wear close fitting jocks, they will hold it in place throughout the day… if you wear boxers – you will have to innovate! Of course an erection will ruin the effect.

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