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8 Passion Accelerators [Video]

Here is a video describing 8 ways to accelerate passion by creating more masculine/feminine magnetism.

Watch the video here

In the last 20 years we’ve blown up the prior 200,000 years worth of sexual evolution.
Now financial and educational parity have given women power more equal to men.
So why do women ask me how to get their guy to take the lead between the sheets more than any other question?

Watch this video to learn the 8 ways to accelerate passion:

1. Increase your masculine/feminine magnetism
2. Stand for yourself
3. Provide leadership
4. Overcome resistance
5. Engender respect
6. Orgasmic satisfaction
7. Seduction with integrity
8. Erotic escalation
I explain what each of these means in the video.
Please post your comments below the video, will you?

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2 Responses

  1. Lousy cinematography. Photographic stills are shown on a screen to the right of Susan while she lectures; obviously no one is manning the camera. This emotionally distracts from the presentation, although the lecture sounded interesting. This was a very bad production.

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