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Full Integrity Seduction Video

In this video I explain how you can increase the quality of your pleasure by using full integrity seduction strategies from The Seduction Trilogy.

Seduction Trilogy

I’d be honored if you’d post a helpful comment below. Let me know what you want me to make you more videos about.

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6 Responses

  1. Very helpful, and I thought well presented
    We males are likely to fall into the trap of regularity and I dont blame the girls for slowing down when its only more of the same Ideas like:, the “menu” will go a long way in getting me out of the rut and back into the game.

  2. Super video!! I surely enjoyed it. Very simple methods that we men folk never take time to do until things start going sour. Keep up the goods works

  3. I enjoyed the video and the great advice. I love learning new and exciting ways to make my girlfriend feel better as well as making me feel great. Thanks for making the videos and keep them cumming..

  4. Susan,
    This was great. It’s good to have this in addition to the written materials. I have RHD but having these reminders is helpful.

  5. I enjoyed the video and your detail comments. Very informative and interesting. Brought up some very interesting ideas to present to my lady friend. Thanks. Sam

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