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Activate Your Superhuman Potential

This is a game changer.  Completely…

Listen, I do not say this often.  Complete. Game. Changer.

And you should at least read this email to the fourth paragraph because I am going to give you the opportunity to change your life, with the same thing that changed my life more than anything that I have ever discovered.    And I don’t say that very often (if ever).

It’s called Your Superhuman Potential.  It’s an online global event on March 20th.  You will not want to miss this, so mark your calendars now.

I am writing you today to introduce Ken Wilber, the man facilitating this event on March 20th.  Ken is a personal hero of mine.

You may have heard Ken’s name before.  Tony Robbins recently said ‘this guy is a genius’.  Marianne Williamson considers him ‘a teacher of teachers’.  Let me explain why Ken Wilber is such a luminary figure to so many amazing people:

Ken Wilber discovered something:  A simple order to the universe, to life, and to everything (yes, everything) that will activate the full spectrum of your potential.

Once I got the Ken Wilber download, my life has never been the same.  His work is a ‘secret sauce’ into how we can truly unlock the dormant potentials tucked away within ourselves.

And there is something else: Ken’s incredible discovery is also changing the world.  This is why I wanted you to meet him.

People have often asked me how I have created such success for myself.  They say it seems almost superhuman what I’ve been able to accomplish.  But I’m not special.  I’m just like you.

Now, a few guys I know recently got together and went to Ken Wilber’s pad.  They told him how much his work had impacted their lives and thousands of others’ lives.

They asked me to help share this with the world.  The result?  Ken created something that blew them away, blows me away, and will blow you away too!  This crew has put together a free event with Ken where he will teach you what’s truly possible for your life.

And you’re invited:

Your Superhuman Potential <===  with Ken Wilber, March 20 at 6pm PST

I cannot overemphasize this enough.  If there is one thing you learn in 2014, if there is one teacher to study, if there is one fundamental thing I can beg of you to do for your life… it’s this.

Everything you learn from this point forward will filter through the prism of what you learn from this man… and you will discover a global community that will help you enter into a whole new world, one you’ve always sensed was possible.

Sign up at no cost and meet this marvelous visionary.

I look forward to seeing you on the call, and hearing your feedback! I truly think this will have a huge impact.  Please share this to one of your most growth oriented friends.  They will thank you.  Promise.

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