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Know The Right Way To Tease Her

Know The Right Way To Tease Her


I had to forward this article from my friend, Scot McKay where he explains exactly why teasing and banter work so amazingly well on girlfriends and wives:

Every red-blooded relationship coach would agree that the vast majority of women LOVE it when guys tease them and engage them in witty, playful conversation.

You’re taught to do it.  You’re even taught HOW to do it.

But I’ve never really seen a solid explanation of WHY it works.

I have this sneaking suspicion that knowing the underlying “reason why” is a much larger part of helping us to actually learn a skill than most of us think.

For example, unless you know what a clutch actually DOES, it’s A LOT harder to learn to drive a car with a stick shift.

Could I have just uncovered the reason why so many guys struggle with getting the whole “teasing and banter” ball rolling with women? Maybe so.

So on with it.

You know how I always harp on making a woman feel safe and comfortable in your presence?

Well here it is:  That’s got EVERYTHING to do with why teasing women and playfully bantering with them is so magical.

Now obviously, when you “bring out the playful” in her you’re making her feel more like a woman.  That leadership on your part makes her hot for you because she recognizes your leadership in seeking out her feminine nature.

On one level, that makes her more confident that you’re a REAL man. That alone gives her a measure of safety.

But here’s the deeper part that most guys miss.

When you tease a woman and/or are willing to say random, offhand or even preposterous things to her that shows her–very clearly, mind you–that you have NO FEAR of her.

Believe me, most women are 100% aware that if a man is reduced to a sniveling wad of nerves when even faced with talking to HER, then there’s just NO WAY he’s going to be fit to be that protector (and by proxy, a provider) anytime the stakes are any higher than that.

In a woman’s mind, that would be…um…just about ANY time.  After all, every single woman I’ve ever informed of the concept of “approach anxiety” has responded with utter surprise.  “What?  I’m just a girl!”

Indeed.  Men shouldn’t be afraid of women.

Being “Mr. Nice Guy”, keeping conversation neuter and playing it safe have “fear of loss” scribbled all over them.  Women can sense the cowardice in an instant.

And obviously, if you wimp out from even talking to her, it’s all over before it has even started.

But when you boldly tease her and make light conversation with her, you actively demonstrate you don’t FEAR her in any way.

You don’t fear offending her by merely being interested.  You’re not worried about bothering her.  You’re not concerned about saying the “wrong thing”.

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Perhaps most importantly, you’re not deathly afraid of LOSING her before you’ve even ATTRACTED her.

When it comes to teasing women and bantering with them, remember always to portray yourself as a decent human being.  We’re not talking about insulting women here or coming off as a physical threat in any way.

But above and beyond that, it’s not so much the words you use that create attraction, so don’t sweat the details.  It’s that lack of fear that shows you have real potential to be a protector.

Be Good,
Scot McKay

Hope you liked this helpful info from my buddy, Scot. He’s a fantastic dating coach and I appreciate how kind he is toward women.

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  1. Waooooooo!!!,this is amazing

    • I am very happy with the tips i got from this site

  2. I would like to challenge this advice in the interests of moving to the next level. My wife and her friends say they are getting fed up with conversations which always have sexual innuendo. They find it wearing and feel they are being treated just as sex objects and crave intelligent conversation. What does everyone think?

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