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Touch Technique That Increases Intimacy

Here’s a free “touch technique” for you to try with your partner. Nothing says, “I adore you,” like this particular way of touching another.

Sometimes the most simple of things are the most profound, and “The Lingering Touch” technique is one of them. This works on men and women alike and gives your lover the sensation of feeling delicious to you.

The very next time you touch – try this. But remember, don’t try to get a reaction, just touch for the pure pleasure of touching, OK?

The Lingering Touch

Touch your partner anyplace — arm, leg, back, hand, face — and as you remove your hand from their skin, slow down and let your fingers trail off their body… let your fingers linger like you don’t want to let go because it feels so good.

Ever so slowly slide your fingers away like you are stuck to your partner with sticky taffy or molasses.

Notice every second of what their skin feels like on your fingers. Become aware of the magnetic attraction that your hands have for their body.

Touch them like you can’t get enough of that wonderful feeling. Perhaps even get in a little last second squeeze before your fingers ever so slowly trail off.

Let me know how you like The Lingering Touch.

Here’s a link to The Passion Patch, which is an eBook I wrote that explains a powerful Touch Technique that leverage a woman’s animal instincts to increase her desire for physical intimacy.

Touch is the foundation of intimacy. Skin-on-skin bliss is something we all crave. But some people, who haven’t been touched much, or have been touched in ways that were unacceptable in their past, need to be slowly indoctrinated to the glory of sensual touch.

Touching Tips

The Passion Patch can really help those situations where you want to escalate touch but have been stymied.

8 Responses

  1. Been using touch techniques for years, I teach men and women that “touch is communication without uttering a word”. When you know the other partner , what is being said by touching is easily understood.

  2. You can not access the process introductions, nationality, but, with the presence of, desire, between the two parties.

  3. Susan, I have been in “touch mode” for a longtime,and I can say that it works 90% of the time. A long time to some and not to many the 70’s is what I would call the long time romance for sure, as a young man of 19 I fell in love with the best thing that crossed my path, now gone she still lingers in my mind and back then it took us 3 months before we made love, I say love because it wasn’t sex, it was love, we “touched for the first 3 months” and just like you said, the love was already in our hearts, just a simple touch of the hand on an arm can mean so much, It’s like lighting, The power of the touch and the long holding of hands can mean so much, I hope our young loves can see this like I did…..

  4. Karezza (Italian for ‘caress’) is the sexual practice of orgasm avoidance (for 3 months minimum) allowing oxytocin to build and build in the bodies of both. (this is the hormone that this lingering touch produces.) However the hormone the orgsm release (dopamine) wipes out oxytocin. This site is great – HOWEVER – Dr. Patti needs to upgrade her understanding of the advances in human sexalogical biological science. PUT SIMPLY – BUT THE BOOK – Cupids Poisoned Arrow – the subject is large and extremely PROFOUND. Those interested in DEEP understanding need to understand that this website is an honest but incomplete effort at explaining human sexuality.

    Basically this site desribes reproduction mode sex. There is a secret and hidden mode – “Healing Mode” – that involves the practice that builds oxytocin (basically enter soft, loose the friction sex (in/out!) do lots and lots of “Lingering Touch” – avoid orgasm, repeat every day with the same partner for three months WHILST AVOIDING ORGASM ALTOGETHER. Last – obtain Liberation – this regrows the endocrine system and regrows the left hemisphere – de-evolved over the last 150 thousand years! (in everybody!)

    Anyway – not to worry – VERY few humans know of this knowledge – hopefully the arcitects of this site will pickup on this info and educate themselves – and then PASS IT ON!

    bless… G::

  5. Had fun doing this with my wife, surprised her and I got pounced on in the kitchen, then led to the bedroom. Awesome art of gentleness always works.

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