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Ejaculatory Freedom

We have received a lot of questions over the years about erectile dysfunction, lasting longer in bed, etc. I decided to sit down with Jim Benson, one of the world’s best sex educators, to address these issues. Jim Benson is the REAL DEAL. Listening to him and reading his work will give you tons of new ideas for better erectile success.

Watch “The Revolutionary Tuning Fork Technique” Video <=== Triggers Her Most Intense Orgasms

EJF-5  How to Touch a Woman to Arouse Her

Jim demonstrates in this 20+ minute video 33 different ways to touch a woman on four sexy volunteers.

 Ever Have Trouble Getting Hard?

This interview is the first of four interviews in this series, it has everything you need to know to gain full control of your manhood and be absolutely amazing in bed

Woman-Peeking-At-Her-Mans-Erection 200x200
EJF-2 200x200  Last as Long as You Want (Destroy Premature Ejaculation)

If you’ve ever come earlier than you’ve wanted to, listen closely. The second installment of our Ejaculatory Freedom series covers a whole range of phenomenal tips to help you last longer.

 Vaginal Orgasms – Climax At The Same Time – Simultaneous Orgasms – Come Together

This recording is all about how you can deliberately and consistently achieve mind blowing orgasms every time you have sex — at the same time as your lover.

Ejac-3-200x200  How to Have Full Body, Male Multiple Orgasms

Imagine having an orgasm that rushes through your whole body, from your head to the tips of your toes. Learn how to choose the moment you come and the one hidden muscle in your body you must exercise if you want to last longer.

 Erectile Dysfunction Causes And Treatments

This free PDF guide covers everything you could ever want to know about getting hard: from getting savage erections by just rubbing your arm to the 5 “erection magic” foods that will give you steel-beam erections in no time.

Get-Hard-Instantly-On-Command 200x200

Watch “The Revolutionary Tuning Fork Technique” Video <=== Triggers Her Most Intense Orgasms

Jim Benson


Jim Benson is an internationally renowned sex educator. He is perhaps the #1 male Tantra teacher in the world. Jim is best known for the “ME Breath” Technique he teaches in his program, Multi-Orgasmic Lover For Men… For unlimited stamina, becoming a multi-orgasmic man, triggering her penetration orgasms and having transcendent, connected sex.

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