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Pheromones Aphrodisiac To Attract Women


Throughout the ages Kings and other men of notoriety and refinement often spared no expense for their culinary and sexual indulgences.  This was never truer for the extremely rare mushroom delicacy called truffles. These expensive and musky delicious mushrooms have been known through the ages for their delightful taste and more notably for their rumored aphrodisiac qualities. In the middle ages, truffles had a reputation among noblemen for their ability to make women docile and men desirous of pleasure.

right-green arrowI’ve been dabbling with

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<=== CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE recently to see if they had any measurable effect and darn if my honey didn’t take a big whiff of me when I was wearing them. He said, “Mmmmm…. Baby. You smell so good. What are you wearing?”
This was noted by Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin of France, who dedicated several pages on the topic in his widely published treaties on the Physiology of Taste in 1825, Wherein he famously wrote “”Adam and Eve sold themselves for an apple. What would they have done for a truffled fowl?

Truffles are extremely rare, only growing in a handful of places around the world.  They grow underground and only female pigs can find them, rooting through the top soil with their snouts franticly looking for the little morsels.  Dogs can be trained to find them, but only sows naturally find them on their own.

Turns out those little truffles naturally contain a hormone compound called Androstenone, which is also serendipitously found the in saliva of mature male pigs and the underarm sweat of men.  In both cases it acts as a pheromone signaling fertility and mating.  A single whiff of bores breath will cause a mature sow to back up to a bore in a mounting position, and the scent of a sweating man will cause a woman to swoon with desire.

Pheromones are natural airborne chemical hormones that our bodies emit to arouse the opposite sex and draw them in. They are one of Mother Nature’s best secret weapons to ensure the survival of any species by making attraction and mating more instinctual.

From Napoleon Bonaparte to Kings and Queens of the ages, men and women of refinement spared no expense to delight themselves in the mystifying pleasure of eating these rare culinary delicacies.

In the 1950’s the famous Italian painter and Pharmacist Pinot Gallizio was commissioned to create a truffle based elixir of love, which however never came to fruition because nobody at the time understood the nature of their mystical properties.

You can’t see or smell pheromones yet they arouse a person’s interest with gut level passion by triggering the signals we are all programmed to feel.

When pheromones are introduced into a sexless marriage, a couples natural biology kicks into high gear and partners can’t help but be reminded of the passion that first brought them together, and their lack of sexual chemistry becomes a thing of the past.

In 1986 at the Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, it was discovered that humans produce, sense and respond to pheromones in remarkable and exciting ways. Androstenone is one of these pheromones, and is present in minute quantities in the decadently delicious truffle.  With this mystery now solved, we can look back and see why people of all ages took notice of the tantalizing effects of these rare treats.

In 1950 a truffle elixir of Gallizio’s vision would cost a kings ransom, and today with the advancement of modern chemistry a synthetic version of the chemical pheromone and be reproduced in the laboratory in a way to make something as uncommon as truffles affordable to the common man.

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Here are some additional resources on the science behind PHEROMONES:

Savic, I., Berglund, H., Gulyas, B., and Roland, P. (2001). Smelling of odorous sex hormone-like compounds causes sex differentiated hypothalamic activations in humans. Neuron 31, 661-668. Abstract HERE
KEY FINDING: Pheromones either from men or from women are processed in sexually dimorphic regions male and female brain. (see also Savic et al., 2005 cited below).

Comments on Savic

Sobel, N and  Brown, W.M. (2001) The Scented Brain: Pheromonal Responses in Humans Neuron 2001 31: 512-514.”A robust hypothalamic response is seldom seen with ordinary odorants, and such an extreme sex difference is never seen with ordinary odorants. Considering that the hypothalamus mediates pheromonal effects and that sex specificity is a hallmark of pheromonal effects, Savic’s groundbreaking work adds significant weight to the claim that these compounds are human pheromones.”

Evidence that human pheromones elicit change in hormone levels in other humans. This evidence (from 1996 forward) is essential to the concept of human pheromones. No conclusive proof that human pheromones altered hormone levels in other humans was available prior to 1996. However, in 1992, Kohl’s first scientific presentation: ” Luteinizing hormone (LH), the link between sex and the sense of smell” predicted recent findings.

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