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Become A Better Lover Throughout Your Life When You Know Your Own And Your Partner’s “Relationship Values™”

Each of us desires a uniquely personal set of attributes to feel satisfied, happy, and content in a relationship.

Knowing what you WANT from your relationship right now is the first step in getting more of it.

So is this what ‘Relationship Values’ is about – getting what I want?

Who doesn’t want to be in a relationship where your needs are met? I know I do! But that is just half of the equation.

Relationship is not just about YOU.

It has to be about the two of you and how you can both have a satisfying relationship. Second step is knowing what your partner wants.

Confused? Enlighten yourself with this audio I recorded about ‘Relationship Values’ and the best way to determine them.

Relationship Values™ Audio Explanation (4 minutes) by Susan Bratton


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Knowing what you both value in your relationship leads to a partnership where each is motivated to give the other what they desire. Once you begin getting up everyday and giving your partner what they want and them giving you what you want- it begins to make your relationship very rewarding.

Be honest and tell your partner what your deepest desires are and in turn, know what your partner needs. Your answers are most likely different – that’s ok!  These Relationship Values will give you a set of what will truly bring joy to you both.

If you’re still not sure how it is done, then I have just the thing to help you.

Listen or download a copy of this audio I recorded.

Let me tell you how you can come up with your Relationship Values and how you can discuss it with your partner.

Susan Bratton

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