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Positioning Pillows for Lovers


An article about a 643 lb woman who has marathon lovemaking sessions to lose weight prompted me to write to you about PILLOWS.

Whether you or your partner are overweight, suffer from pain, are sized differently or simply want to make love longer…

A focus on Pillows and Body Dynamics will maximize your pleasure. Fill up your bedroom with any or all of these options.

  • Pillows big and small
  • Cushions
  • Bolsters
  • Neck rolls
  • Back jacks
  • and other furniture made for Kama Sutra exploration!
  • More samples >>
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The photos above show Daka Raj and I demonstrating an alternate DO position for giving your woman Expanded Orgasms.

If she’s going to be in an orgasmic state for 30 minutes during your Expanded Orgasm practice, you should both be very comfortable.

Take a minute before you assume a position to prop, support, raise, lower — to create a comfortable foundation so you can get your groove on.

Your lady will thank you for the attention you are putting on her comfort and pleasure.

With love,
Patricia Taylor

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