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Wish Your Partner Would Initiate Sex Better?

I have some aural pleasure techniques and exact words for you to say to turn your lover on harder than you ever had! Read on! 

Ken has some hearing loss in one ear but craved verbal feedback from his new partner Katie. When they first started dating, he requested that Katie make a lot of noise for him during sex. 

She had been almost silent behind closed doors. But she wanted Ken to know what a great lover she was, so she attempted to give him auditory signals that what he was doing felt great to her. It turned out that she honed her feedback skills and enjoyed — even got more turned on — making sexy sounds. She says she would never go back to being quiet again. She loves the noisy sex she and Ken have. It’s taken her to extra levels of sexual satisfaction to be an excellent moaner.

Ken, seeing how much being verbal added to their sexiness, started being even more expressive too. Now they are going crazy for each other, having the hottest sex of their lives for hours in the mornings.

Today’s verbal techniques are part of my Dirty Talk techniques about how to have off-the-hook mutually orgasmic intercourse. 

Today’s technique incorporates the helpful feedback of moaning and sexy talk during sex. When you moan and convey your pleasure verbally, your partner not only knows they are making you feel incredible, and that you’re enjoying yourself… but even more importantly, your moans and verbal expression make your partner get even more turned on. You are adding more overall sexual energy into the field, which reverberates into your partner to heighten their arousal. Everyone comes more, harder, and better.

There are six verbal sex techniques you can experiment with before, during, and after sex and 11 verbatim things to say that you can personalize.

This scene I’m about to describe to you gets her turned on fast. 

The idea I’m going for here is FLOW. Think of sex as an array of erotic moments rather than a lead-up to penetration. I’m describing the opposite of how I envision all the muggles who don’t use Susan Bratton’s sex advice: They stick it in and pump away until he comes.

Instead, I’m outlining a hop, skip, and jump through all sorts of fun, short sexy moments that slowly build excitement so she can keep up with his ardor. This is a 3.0 advanced move because it takes PRACTICE to feel comfortable doing many things during a sex date. It’s most common to do one or two things, and that’s it. So what I’m saying is that you’ll become more orgasmic during intercourse by doing a little as you go, rather than just building up to it and making it go on and on at the end. You can go as long as you want at the end, but you’re going to use his penis, in the beginning, to awaken her vagina, not jump right into deep penetration.

Soulmate Embrace 510 for confirmation

First, snuggle together and hold each other. Use my Soulmate Embrace melting hug technique to relax and connect. Arousal begins in relaxation. The slower you go, the harder she comes.

Then start kissing. Kiss slowly and sensually. 

She rubs her body on his, and he plays with her breasts and nipples. They continue kissing while she strokes his manhood. Apply some

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on your penis for her or put some in her cupped hand and help her spread it all over your penis.

Having her hand on your penis while you pleasure her breasts will accelerate her turn-on.

Use some

Treasure Chest Pirate Girl Unlock Additional Members Only Content
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on her nipples. You will see what I mean when you drop it on and start rolling her nipples through your fingers or swiping across the nipples like super slow windshield wipers. It makes nipples FEEL more. 

You’ll be waking up her vagina and clitoris with nipple stimulation. Once you’ve kissed her and pleasured her breasts in a very relaxed way, ask her if you can apply some Foria Awaken arousal oil on her vulva. Have her lie back on pillows and butterfly her legs open. Put three or four drops of Awaken Oil on her mons, labia, and inside her labia as well as on her clitoral hood and tip.

Add a little Sex Oil on top of that for more slides and glide. The Awaken Arousal oil is like a pre-lube. It helps get her juices flowing, just as the kissing and breast play do. All of this is engorging her erectile tissue. You are giving her a lady boner so that when you do penetrate her, it feels really good.

Rub your thumb across the hood of her clit like her clit is a little violin string. You want to wake up the shaft of her clit and get the blood running in there so she gets a clit erection. 

Since her mouth is warmed up from kissing, you want to ask her to suck on the tip of your penis for her pleasure. First, wipe off any excess Sex Oil with one of the stacks of washcloths you’ve stacked by the bed.

 This is not a “blow job” for you. The more she sucks on his penis in ways that feel good to her mouth, the more her vagina will lubricate, and contractions will begin. 

Suggest that she stick the tip between the gums and lips, not IN her mouth at first. Have her rub it back and forth in whatever way feels good. I like to keep my teeth closed and push Tim’s penis into the sides of my cheeks. That gets my spit running. I also like to tap the head of his penis on my lips. Just as you want to tantalize the entrance to her vagina, rather than just plunging in, she is teasing her mouth with your penis. Keep stimulating her nipples and telling her how sexy she is and how much you love to make her come.

At this point, she may feel she’s ready to have you inside her. But this is not the time when you are going to pump away and come inside her. This is just warming up the inside of her vagina.

She can squirt on more oil and slide down on your penis at that point. She can do a few strokes and then dismount. Then, she can return to your penis with her vagina… 

The whole idea here is that you can go back and forth and back and forth from one thing to another. You don’t have to do a lead-up to intercourse and then come and be done. When you do that, it is often too soon for her. She rushes because she wants to feel him inside her. He comes because intercourse feels so good to him too. 

When you stop the rushing do a few strokes and then back off, it helps engorge her vulva to have lots of orgasms during penetration. Giving her a little and then stopping makes her body reach for more. This ramps her arousal.

steamy sex ed 3

You can flip her on her back, wipe off any excess oil, and go down on her for a few minutes. If you haven’t yet gotten my Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection, today is the day for you to go for it. You can easily watch these on your phone while you’re masturbating. There are 30 cunnilingus techniques alone, and over 200 fantastic ideas for sex in the Steamy Collection. 

If your partner is willing to watch them with you, see which ones appeal to her most and try those.

Next, you can do a little 69 where you give oral to each other simultaneously. Simultaneous oral is also a learned skill. At first, it can seem overwhelming. But when you take away the pressure to orgasm and enjoy the sensations, it becomes more orgasmic! You can toggle between giving and receiving and take your pleasure from both.

Let go of performance or goals doing 69. Just take your pleasure. When you’re eating her, don’t TRY to make her come. Instead, activate her whole vulva. Suck on her lips (not too hard). Toggle her clit tip. Slide your tongue up and down between her inner labia. Tickle the door to her vaginal canal with the tip of your tongue. Moan and take your pleasure too.

At this point, you might want to try a little more penetration to see if she’s getting more lubricated and engorged. 

Perhaps enter her from behind, doggie-style next. Make sure to tease her and go in very slowly, using the Heart Tongue technique. Orgasmic contractions may begin getting more pronounced. Do doggie for just a short time, and then go back to kissing, nipple play, and penis stroking. Pleasure her clitoris and vagina using the Steamy Sex Ed orgasmic massage fingering techniques to begin swelling her G-Spot. With the Sex Oil, you can add more so your fingers are very slippery and silky.

What you are doing is building desire and giving her a chance to get as internally erect as you are externally. It’s ok if you get hard, go soft, get hard again numerous times. A healthy penis does this. If you can’t, go get GAINSWave treatments and use the Whopper penis pump a couple of times a week to restore your erectile function.

Digit Product

Now suggest another sex position. Perhaps off the edge of the bed or woman on top. Then do more oral. Try a vibrator on her clitoris while you’re fingering her G-Spot. One of the vibrators I like to add to partnered lovemaking is the DiGiT.

It is very low profile, and is my Quiet Vibe Guide Award Winner for “Most Quiet Tiny Device.” It still packs a nice strong vibe on the clit and you can hold it between you and your partner during intercourse.

Digit Most Quiet

She may be ready to have some vibe-driven orgasms now. The oral and penis and fingers are great. But having some extra buzz on her clitoral tip and shaft will send her over the edge, opening the doorway to even more orgasms as you continue.

Tell her to start on the lowest setting so she can have a bunch of orgasms, instead of just driving hard to get to one big one which will potentially make her need a break. You could just be getting started!

When you flit from one intercourse position to another, punctuating it with turns giving and receiving oral, adding in a clitoral vibrator or G-Spot wand, giving a hand job to him, and fingering her, she’s going to have a lot more orgasms when she’s being penetrated.

Most people think, “I’ll give her her orgasm from intercourse and then I’ll come.” I’m asking you to expand that thinking to having her come the whole time you’re stimulating each other. At first, she might not feel the climax, but over time she can link together more and more of them. The biggest obstacle to being massively multi-orgasmic is limiting beliefs.

Skipping around like this takes sex from a penis-in-vagina sexual centerpiece strategy to a more fun, playful romp where you’re connecting in different ways.

Great sex is intimate. It’s playful. It’s relaxing. It builds. And when you learn new ways of making love together, you keep the new relationship energy firing! Try this dope sex date scenario and email me what you did and how it went.

Let’s play!

When I slow down enough to no longer want to travel… probably when I’m in my 90s… I would love to have a Pomeranian. This is Cleo. I met him at the Biohacking Conference. His mom carted him around in a stroller. I petted him for a very long time and it’s exquisitely wonderful to pet cats and dogs. 

Susan With Cute Dog

For now, I have to relax on my HigherDOSE PEMF mat which I still absolutely LOVE TO DEATH. I tried a bunch of PEMF mats at the conference. They were all 5X-20X as expensive and too strong for me. I have to say, this grounding mat for recovery and relaxation is the bomb.

And Hannah, one of my fans, had customer care questions about hers and this is what she had to say…



As I stated in my reply to the Higher Dose company (which I CC’d you on), I am confident that I never did receive an email from them. However, the fact that they did respond to you (and sent me the information I was desiring) allows me to feel a little better about the purchase. 

The fact that you took time to follow up with the company and look into the issue REALLY means a lot to me! You always seemed genuine (although it can be hard to tell in this day of social media influencers); your actions speak louder than words and I want you to know that you have gained a loyal follower (and virtual friend). 

I really appreciate you and all you are doing to educate people on sexuality and living our sexual lives to the fullest! I knew so little about my own body (even though I’m in my early 50s). Then after my divorce I reconnected with my high school sweetheart. Together, with the help of your articles and products, we are both enjoying a level of sexual satisfaction and exploration that we never had in our previous relationships! We feel like we are 30 years younger – and performing like it as well! 😉

With Overflowing Gratitude,

Hannah (name changed for privacy)

So if you’ve been tempted by the HigherDOSE PEMF mat, I want to encourage you to TRY IT!!!! I haven’t found something I like as much as this in a long, long time. It gives me relaxation and recovery.

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