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“Flirt Mode” Vibrating C-Ring  (Part 2 of 10)

The biggest issue with intercourse is that he comes, and she doesn’t. Here’s a first-step solution for helping a woman cross the ‘gasm chasm during penetrative sex.

 A woman can put the NŌS cock ring on her man if he wants her to come while he’s inside her. The NŌS can help her close the orgasm gap between how easy it is for him to come from intercourse and how many women don’t as quickly orgasm from penetration alone. (Note: Orgasms from intercourse are a learned skill. Using the NŌS is one way to get her coming from penetration—which means she will want more intercourse.)

The best position for the NŌS may be the woman on top. That way, she can slide up and down on his penis and apply the little ears to her clitoris. She can slide and grind, two ways to stimulate her cervix and increase her orgasmic potential. Sitting down on him so the vibrator is directly on her clitoris while deep inside can get her coming well… Especially if he’s playing with her breasts, kissing her, looking her in the eyes, and telling her how sexy and gorgeous she is to him.

The NŌS has two rumbly motors at the top that hug the clitoral glans for a more intense sensation. The little “ears” of the NŌS wrap around the shaft when she has a clitoral erection, sending its significant vibration deep down the shaft and into the crura or arms and legs of the clitoral body. 

It has four speeds, a “flirt mode” five-minute loop of lightly varying vibration that keeps her from getting acclimated to a single speed or pattern. She can drop into the sensation of Flirt Mode and just ride the waves of pleasure. This will help her expand the moment of climax, so she comes longer and harder.

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Here’s the thing about cock rings… They trap more blood in a man’s penis, which makes him more rigid. When he’s harder, and there’s more blood supply, the skin of his penis is tighter. The combination of being firmer and more taught means his penis is as big as it gets (without penis pumping, which can permanently enlarge a man’s penis if he maintains a pumping routine). When a guy’s penis is as big as it gets, it has more surface area sending increased pleasure signals to his brain. This results in more explosive orgasmic pleasure for him.

The other benefit of a cock ring is that it can keep him harder and longer. Wearing this NŌS for up to 20 minutes during intercourse will trap blood into his penis so he stays hard. Great for guys with some erectile firmness issues—which most guys over 40 are having. And yes, it’s designed not to crimp the corpus spongiosum so that he can get optimal penile blood flow. 

Losing firmness is something guys kind of get used to. They don’t realize how they are losing hardness because it slowly slips away. Once he puts on this cock ring, he will think, oh, wow, I am harder than I usually am. 

That could signal him to pump, get GAINSWave treatments, use the Phoenix Pro, and get some PRP injections. You can learn more about that here

That said, a cock ring like the NŌS is fabulous because you wear it during intercourse, and it not only keeps him rigid, but it has a vibrator for her clitoris. The vibrator for the clitoris has two little ears that caress each side of her clitoral shaft when she has a clitoral erection. It also torments her clitoral glans or tips to help her get a clitoral erection.

For the couple where the guy is more sensitive to stimulation and has reasonable erectile firmness, choose the NŌS. If he has any issues with premature ejaculation, this is the right cock ring for him.

Having more blood trapped in his penis by the ring may increase the intensity of his orgasm when he has it. But it will not overstimulate him. 

The NŌS can be great for female-to-female strap-on pleasure, as it can slide right up to the top of a dildo. 

The NŌS is also great as a handheld vibrator and is the most lightweight and small of all ten Quiet Vibe Award winners. 

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⇐ Favorite For Couples’ Play, A Cock Ring Vibe With Good Mid-Range Vibration — Not Too Buzzy, Not Too Rumbly — A Great All-Around Toy.

Quiet Vibe Plain

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Get some of this FORIA CBD lube with the NŌS. It’s my new favorite lube because it’s all natural and healthy, AND it has a great slide with no need to reapply constantly. Try the Arousal oil layered with the Intimacy oil. A few drops of Arousal with the Intimacy oil on top is a sensual experience. Take time applying it so she’s tormented and gets a clitoral erection.

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  1. This NOS Cock Ring looks really great – but seems to big around to be tight enough around my Shaft. I have tried 4 different Cock Rings. 2 were passive and 2 were motorized. Everyone of them flopped around on my shaft and fell off. I wish that there were different sizes or “adjustable” – which would be really great. Are you aware of any adjustable cock rings – whether passive or motorized? Thank you for your time and effort. 🙂

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