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My Partner Won’t Talk During Sex” [Mailbag]

“Hi, Susan.

I saw your previous post on about the map to give her a Yoni massage. I want to get your map, but my wife doesn’t talk during sex.  I don’t feel like I’d make much progress with her because I would still be shooting in the dark.

Susan Only Fans Post

What should I do? Love your work, and thank you for always being so good about helping everyone! I’ve been a fan of your email newsletter for years.”

— Lon (name changed for privacy)

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Dear Lon,

This is an EASY fix! You need to train your wife to begin to find her words. And you do that with these three techniques I’ve outlined below.

You’ll have her telling you her deepest fantasies and giving you all the verbal feedback you need to become her most masterful lover in no time!

1) You have to “go first.” Sexual masculine leadership means you model the behavior you want. So you just start talking to her, and it will begin to feel like a natural conversation.

2) Read my free communication skill that ignites passionate lovemaking, The Sexual Soulmate Pact. This is the single most important technique I teach, and I give it away for free. 

Click Here To Download The Sexual Soulmate Pact ⇐ The Two-Word Phrase That Ignites Passionate Lovemaking  

The Sexual Soulmate Pact is a ninja technique because it solves the most significant issues people have about asking for what they want or giving feedback:

Soumate Pact
  1. I don’t know what I want; I just know what I’m getting isn’t that? So I stay quiet and accept what is happening, and I’m not sexually satisfied.

2. I don’t want to hurt my partner’s feelings by giving them feedback, so I keep my mouth shut. My partner has contracted whenever I’ve said something, and it’s ruined the mood. So I don’t say anything. I want to protect their ego.

This behavior is a recipe for failing sex life. 

The Pact teaches your partner to know what their body wants and speak it out. It teaches you not to take feedback personally, so your partner feels safe speaking.

You can either print out this book and read it together and create the agreement, or you can guide your partner by showing them how it’s done by modeling the behavior.

3. As you are modeling the encouragement and rewarding her for small wins when she says anything, you can also begin to talk more during sex using these Dirty Talk techniques.

Download My FREE Dirty Talk Book Here ⇐ Talk Dirty To Me 

Dirty Talk

It’s five ways to talk dirty without feeling weird. They are not dirty at all. They are things like appreciation and encouragement. I give you exact things to say, and you can personalize them for your wife’s pleasure.

When you start talking, she will not be able to stay silent. She is going to want to respond. That will make her more comfortable, and soon she will be telling you what she wants and sharing some of her fantasies with you.

Don’t miss the technique called Sharing Frames. This is done after sex is over and can be an excellent place to start getting her talking.

Let me know how things go!

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