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Ending Anorgasmia

While most of the topics covered are from a woman’s perspective, guys will certainly enjoy this insider look into what it takes for a woman to bridge the gap to an orgasm-filled life.

So many women — both single and in relationships — struggle with getting an orgasm. 

While it’s easy for guys, this is called the “Orgasm Gap.”

This is partly due to a lack of proper sexual skills and coordination between the man and woman, and because it takes more than just simple, quick stimulation hits for a woman to experience an orgasm.

She has to fully surrender her body to pleasure, ebbing and flowing through sensual stimulation until her body is finally ready to let it all go.

That’s why today’s video interview with sex and intimacy expert, and author of “Living an Orgasmic Life,” Xanet Pailet, is becoming increasingly important. She has been helping couples reclaim pleasure and transform their relationships and lives for years.

We talk about her story and experience of being in a sexless marriage for over 26 years, all the while being anorgasmic and unable to bring herself to climax, and now to fully live and thrive in her adventurous orgasmic potential.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Ending Anorgasmia 


As you go through the video interview, you’re going to discover a lot more about how Xanet achieved her orgasm-filled life and much other sex-life-changing advice that includes:

  • How to open yourself to your orgasmic potential
  • Obstacles to orgasms besides trauma, and what are the actions to removing those obstacles
  • The value of slowing down during intimacy and lovemaking
  • Vulva anatomy exploration with Xanet’s vulva pillow
  • Where and how to touch a woman’s sweetest spots in her vulva for optimal sensation and pleasure
  • How she works her body to direct stimulation from her pelvic area to explosive orgasms
  • How sound helps release orgasmic energy in your body
  • How to communicate to your partner what you want during intimacy and lovemaking
  • How creating your self-loving practice helps lead you to a more orgasmic sex life and relationship
  • How to introduce high-quality sex toys into your sex life
  • Creating a good lover space conducive to an orgasmic bedroom adventure

Women who want to open up to an orgasmic life, and men who want to help their ladies achieve this, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Ending Anorgasmia 

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