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4 Emotional Obstacles To Intimacy

What’s stopping couples from staying in love and having sexual passion? 

Two people who once were so adamant about giving each other intimacy and pleasure now can’t stand each other and ignore each others’ needs and desires? 

That’s essentially what today’s video is about. I talk with Dr. Terry Real, couples’ therapist and author of several books on relationships. 

Dr. Real works with couples and teaches other therapists how to help their clients’ intimacy struggles. 

Maintaining the “new relationship energy” has always been a challenge for lovers and is the cause of why there is so much animosity between lovers in long-term relationships today. 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this video will be super beneficial to your knowledge on nurturing your desire for your lover and their desire for you. 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ 4 Emotional Obstacles To Intimacy


Dr. Real and I go over these topics in today’s video: 

  • Asymmetry between lovers for sexual appetite and libido 
  • What happens when this asymmetry happens in relationships? 
  • When do you get triggered? What gets you triggered? And how to turn that into positive energy for your relationship?  
  • New rules for relationships in the modern generation 
  • The problem that’s crushing couples from negotiating and ironing out their differences, and how to overcome it 
  • What couples can do first to get back to their loving, sexually adventurous selves 
  • How to deal with a partner who stonewalls your desires and concerns  
  • How to overcome boredom in relationships 
  • Insights and coping mechanisms when you’re triggered by your partner 
  • Core fears that drive the way we get triggered and how to overcome them  

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ 4 Emotional Obstacles To Intimacy

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