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Male Menopause? (Mailbag)

Male Menopause? (Mailbag)

We hear a lot about how menopause just absolutely wrecks a woman’s hormones, libido, and sex life if you don’t prepare for it right. Learn more about male menopause.

But men go through the same thing too. It’s just not talked about as much. It’s called Andropause.

Yes, guys go through their version of menopause when their testosterone drops. Declining testosterone means a man’s estrogen rises. He starts becoming a little old lady.

Here is a real-life story of one of my readers who left her husband because of his low testosterone. 

Check out her story, her first-hand experience advice, and my response below.

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“Hello, Susan. 

As a mother of a large family, life has been grand. Sadly, my partner and I have not had regular sex or intimacy of any kind for over ten years. 

I have read all you have written about you and Tim and how you nearly divorced over sexual intimacy.

If not leaving for abuse or impossible problems, I feel divorce is a failure with a capital F, but tragically we are there. 

We have been separated for three years now, but we live under the same roof due to a large insurance claim due to flooding. (Tell me about it!)

People would think that having a huge family “did” it. Absolutely not.

I lost all of my weight with each baby, and as it got harder to lose as I got older, I just worked harder. I’m fortunate to have a healthy, more man-like drive, which likely made things easier for both of us.


The large family excuse? Rather the opposite. I would even suggest that we had perfect sex when we had it. It was regular, diverse, full of communication, exploring, variety, and excitement.

We went from complete bliss to complete nil.

Hubby wouldn’t go to counseling, won’t admit depression may be an issue, only recently started T-shots at 60. We only discovered his testosterone was low very recently. 

With neglect, my man lost not only his drive but his confidence and his will to do what he always did outside the home, and no matter how patient or kind or helpful I tried to be with his direct denial (knowing I could do things to help with his ED and having researched it thoroughly fully… I needed my husband back). 

In the end, it was not a big enough priority (in my mind and his lack of actions) for him to do anything to help HIMSELF.

So? We divorce soon.

I can assure you I didn’t sign up for the short term and didn’t plan for this large family to hurt our children by dragging them through the turmoil (caused at ANY child’s age) of a divorce!


We were the picture-perfect couple that everyone looked up to, but we weren’t just the picture; we were legit!

Being fit and healthy is lovely and hot. But without passion in the picture, it’s not only the opposite of healthy. It’s neglectful to your body *and* to your companionship.

If a person needs insulin for diabetes, they take it—no big deal. 

Suppose a woman needs hormone therapy to avoid hot sweats or get hormones specifically compounded or whatever—no big deal.

The cost of not taking care of YOUR HORMONE HEALTH? It is immense and often, as in our case, a tragedy.

Testosterone doesn’t just make you hard and raise your libido. It makes you feel more manly, have more energy, make you less emotional (yes! Manopause *IS* a thing!) It also makes you less anxious, less tired, and wanting to have a nap or fall asleep at earlier hours for your age. 

As well, some men even have aches and other symptoms associated with hormone loss. This was my husband. So NOT worth it. More than that? SO PREVENTABLE! 

Essentially, you drive a wedge in an otherwise perfect relationship that breeds frustration, insecurities, reduces communication, creates distance, and can end things.

It’s not just a sex thing. It is a night and day difference to your overall health.

✅ Get tested.

✅ Maintain your health and your hormone health.

✅ Stay sexy and be attentive to your spouse/partner.

✅ Take charge of your hormones and keep the pain in your marriage.

Life is just too short. Families and relationships are just too important.”  一 Janine (not her real name) 



I agree with just about everything you said. 

Testosterone is crucial for men who want to continue being strong, confident, manly men for the rest of their lives. 

It’s known by many as the “Male Master Hormone.” 

It’s wise for guys to get tested if they’re feeling lesser than they used to be. 

Here is the Testosterone Supplement I recommend you use before taking exogenous testosterone replacement.

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male menopause


This formulation has DHEA, the master hormone from which your body makes testosterone. It includes Ashwagandha, which is an adaptogenic herb that regulates hormone production. It has Tongkat Ali, the same splendid botanical we use in our libido vitamin-mineral complex DRIVE. And yes, you can combine DRIVE, SUPPORT, and FLOW, and they will all be mutually supportive and synergistic.

DIM is the isolate from cruciferous vegetables that protects your estrogen-to-testosterone ratios. And additional Zinc and Magnesium free bound testosterone so your body can utilize it.

Sometimes men have plenty of testosterone. They just cannot convert it from bound to free.

You can work with a functional medicine doctor to help you with detoxing and supplementation.

Make sure they know how to read the results of a DUTCH test from Precision Analytical. This test is head and shoulders better than the simple “standard of care” blood tests your health plan probably uses.


DUTCH stands for 4-point Dried Urine Test. You pee on strips from morning through night. Then send them in. Your doctor gets data on all your free and bound hormone and hormone metabolites.

If you just get a blood test, it only shows one moment in time. The DUTCH test shows how your body produces and utilizes your hormones throughout the day, the ratio of your estrogen and other hormones to testosterone, and your cortisol levels.

If you still test low on testosterone after trying the detox and supplementation for 3-6 months, there are a few testosterone replacement options.

You can use pellets, creams, or injections.

I don’t like pellets because you cannot control the amount. It could be too much or not enough. Until you know how much T you need, don’t go with pellets. As the pellets are in your arm, they also lose strength. So you start with a lot of T and end up with almost none. And you have to get another pellet inserted by a doctor.

Creams and injections are self-administered, which means you can dose them up or down to find the perfect range that makes you feel great and not over-driven.

Injections are easy. Don’t be scared. You can apply creams on your skin, but I think they are better on the soft tissue of your anal area if you’re ok touching your body there. It is easy to get used to it. Don’t be afraid of your ass. It’s a source of pleasure, and men are awakening to their P-spot.


I’d detox, take vitamins, blood flow, and the SUPPOR-T testosterone supplements for 3-6 months to assess. Then I’d get a DUTCH test. And THEN, if you don’t feel like you’re moving the needle on your T, consider testosterone replacement. The worst case is you’ll need less exogenous testosterone after doing a great job supporting your production.

You will feel better either way.

Let me know what you end up doing and how it goes.

Thanks for entrusting me with your health.

And remember, I’m not a doctor. I’m a sexpert. 

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Then start using The Phoenix Pro Home Treatment device. 

It uses the same revolutionary technology as the beautiful and super-effective GAINSWave procedure. 

The BIG advantage with the Phoenix Pro is that you can use it in the comfort of your home. No need to go out to a clinic. No need to visit the doctor each time. 

The Phoenix Pro uses advanced soundwaves to break up the plaque within the penis’s blood vessels while regenerating new blood vessels via angiogenesis. 

This physician-recommended device is guaranteed to emit 1 Million pulses of soundwaves at therapeutic levels and provide a whopping 50 total treatments with no lockout time! 


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  • Improves Erectile Rigidity
  • Restores Sensitivity 
  • Decreases Refractory Time 
  • May Eliminate the Need for Pills  
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