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The Wonderful “Bullseye Touch Technique” (Open Up!)

Here’s a delightfully arousing touch technique to increase your satisfaction and amplify your pleasure. 

The technique fosters sweet intimacy between lovers and can (if agreed upon) lead to more sensual touching. It’s all in yours and your partner’s hands… literally. 

It’s called “The Bullseye Touch Technique.” I’ve outlined below the three steps for arousal and the three for genital pleasure.

Imagine a bullseye. It has outer concentric rings that get smaller as you get closer to the bullseye in the center.

You heighten your overall pleasure when you go from the outer ring to the inner circle in order of erogenous zone pleasuring. Here’s how it works. (Scroll down.)

Click Here To Watch The Video ⇐ The Bullseye Touch Technique


As I’ve shared in the past, the foundation of arousal is relaxation.

Going more slowly turns your partner on faster because their body gets the time it needs for the sexual tissues to fill with blood. This is called “engorgement.” Both sexes benefit from full engorgement because the more the tissues of the face, breasts, genitals, and buttocks fill with blood, the more surface area they have. The increased surface area has more touch receptors, registering as increased pleasure in the brain.

Generally, the physical filling of blood in the tissue takes twenty to thirty minutes. But you also want to account for mental/emotional arousal. It takes time to let go of the world’s demands, slow down, and get present with each other.

Holding and being held is a significant first step during foreplay because an embrace resets the nervous system from ‘frazzled’ to ‘snuggled.’

If you picture foreplay in terms of the bullseye, this is what the rings would include:

Outer Ring

  • Soulmate Embrace
  • Foot massage
  • Head massage
  • Back massage
  • Arms and legs
  • Looking into each other’s eyes

Middle Ring

  • Neck and chest, but not breasts
  • Back and buttocks
  • Face, hair, and dry pecking and kissing
  • Sharing deep breaths

Inner Bullseye

  • Kissing with tongue
  • Breasts first before nipples
  • Genital pleasure

When you get to hands-on genital pleasure, which I highly recommend, I suggest you include a woman’s genitals in the bullseye touch technique model.

Outer Ring

  • Belly and thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Mons Venus
  • Outer labia

Middle Ring

  • Inner labia and the opening of the vaginal area (Introitus)
  • Clitoral hood but not the clitoris itself
  • Outer G-Spot (urethral sponge where the urine exits)
  • Fourchette (where the inner labia meet at the bottom)
  • Perineal area

Inner Bullseye

  • Clitoris, internal G-Area, and vaginal canal
  • Anal area
  • Additional nipple and breast stimulation

If you stimulate your female partner, or if you are the female partner and you have your partner follow these rings, pleasuring your erogenous zones from your extremities to your most private parts, you get the following benefits:

  • More engorgement and tissue swelling create more pleasure
  • The ability to relax and let down so that your fluids begin to flow
  • Your spit will run, you will lubricate your lady parts, and even your eyes will start to tear.
  • You will amplify your desire because you’re not rushed.
  • Your body will naturally open to your lover because you’re not being grabbed and hurried along.
  • You will experience a heightened sense of pleasure.
  • Your orgasmic response will become more pronounced.
  • You may be able to share more frequency of orgasm and more intensity.
  • An overall feeling of enhanced satisfaction
  • An increase in general desire for your partner
  • More interest overall in intimacy and less resistance


Generally, men like genital touch much earlier than women do on a lovemaking date. Ask your partner when he wants to be touched and give it to him. Many men find it calming when they have their genitals fondled early in the day. You can still incorporate this Bullseye Touch Technique into genital pleasuring. Start with a touching technique that includes all the parts of his genitals instead of just the tip. Tantalize him and use a wide variety of touches. Enjoy yourself, and it will enhance his pleasure.

Watch this fun little video of Jim Benson (creator of our Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men program) and me talking about the Bullseye Touch technique to be more present with your lover. It’s super cute and adds to what I’ve explained here. And please don’t miss our beautiful articles below. This week was jam-packed with deliciousness!

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I am sending you tons of love this week. I hope you are holding up ok. It’s quite a time in our lives for sure.

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