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Enhance Your Sensuality: Expert Tips to Improve Sexual Arousal and Feel Sexy

Today I want to give you a menu of twenty-two sexy ideas to get in the mood and improve sexual arousal.


Susan At 17 320


Ladies, please reply with what you do. And guys, this is to help you support your woman in getting turned on for you.

Here is my list of things I do to get in the mood:

  • Nude sunbathing
  • Get my chores done so I can relax.
  • Wear lingerie around the house
  • A sensual full-body massage
  • Sexy music playing in the house
  • Laying out some of my favorite sexy toys
  • Doing  my 4-Step Butterfly Warm-Up technique.
  • Lighting candles
  • Reminiscing about sexy fun times
  • Looking at post-coital selfies
  • Taking sexy selfies
  • Imagining a new fantasy
  • Anticipating a sexy date, I set up
  • Grooming my lady parts
  • Using my vFit to foreplay my vagina
  • Doing some Hatha yoga.
  • Dancing around the house
  • Asking my honey to tell me three things he thinks are sexy about me (then reciprocate)
  • Slathering my body with organic avocado butter
  • Doing Pelvic Pump Breathing
  • Taking some Full Spectrum CBD to chill me out a bit
  • Watching a Steamy Sex Ed® video and picking a technique I want to try.

The universe wants to provide you with all the things you need to satisfy your sexual arousal. All you have to do is reach out and grab hold of it. The resources are available in plenty. All it takes is a bit of good ol’ research on your part. Thank you for reaching out to me and making it your priority to improve and better your sex life.

There’s always a bounty of bliss available to you 🙂

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