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Vitamins For Blood Flow

If you’re not taking any vitamins for blood flow, consider taking my supplement, FLOW.

It’s going to get a lot of people.

Can you relate?

One of the few things Tim and I argue about is simplicity versus complexity.

Taking a multivitamin and blood flow supplement is the foundation of your health.

Take mine if you want really great ingredients with 100% of the recommended daily allowances.

Vitamins for Blood Flow



FLOW+TRIO - essential vitamins and minerals

Getting along means realizing that what annoys you about your partner is actually what makes them great.

Tim is really good at details, risk management, steps-to-completion of tasks… The deep dive.

My skills lie more in the strategy, goals and getting everyone on the same page… The big picture.

Usually, we are very complementary. Working together with both in our business and marriage is not only effortless, but it’s also a joy.

Every once in a while I have to pull his head out of the weeds. He’s naturally comfortable in the details. Or he has to get me to see all that is going to be impacted by a decision.

The typical stuff every couple deals with.

Often I encourage him to simplify.

This reminds me that all our countries are going through distancing, testing, tracing, stimulus… the complexities of a pandemic are colossal.

The people who are most impacted by the virus have nutritional deficiencies, high blood pressure and are on a lot of medications.

They usually have cardiovascular disease which means they have arterial plaque. Their blood isn’t flowing through their veins.

Any guy with ED knows he has cardiovascular disease because ED is the first sign of clogged arteries.

In women, heart disease is more of a silent issue. Hypertension and lack of lubrication often show up in women.

I made FLOW, our blood flow supplement because it keeps your blood flowing through your veins.

People who have high blood pressure, hypertension, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cardiovascular disease take nitric oxide blood flow supplements as their first natural defense.

vitamins for blood flow

“Nearly everyone passing from the coronavirus has just three things in common. One of them is a chronic zinc deficiency.

It looks like it’s affecting people with nutritional deficiencies who take a lot of medications and who have high blood pressure. Sadly, that’s probably most Americans, which means it’s going to get a lot of people over the next couple of months. But that doesn’t have to be you.” —Natural News

Nitric oxide (NO) relaxes your veins so your blood can go where it needs to.

FLOW improves not only vasodilation but bronchodilation (breathing) as well as helping with an erection in men and vaginal lubrication in women.

NO also modulates insulin secretion, airway tone, and peristalsis (pooping), and is involved in angiogenesis (blood vessel growth and repair) and neural development (nerves).

As you age, your body’s ability to produce nitric oxide declines. When you’re 60, you have half as much NO as you did when you were 30. That’s why we get old and shrivel up!

Take FLOW. I made it synergistic with BOOST, DRIVE and/or DESIRE, my daily libido vitamins for blood flow.

Nutritional deficiencies require a daily multi-vitamin multi-mineral. My vitamins have 100% of the RDA recommended daily allowance of ZINC.

However, zinc cannot protect you from the coronavirus. It MAY have some positive effects on your health, but it’s not going to keep you from getting it.

That being said, zinc is an essential trace element, and when you’re deficient (which a LOT of people are) it compromises your immune system.

If you are not taking a vitamin, consider taking mine. It has a built-in libido botanicals! 😋

If you’re not taking any vitamins for blood flow, consider taking my supplement. It’s made from organic watermelon, spinach, and cherries. (Not pesticide-laden chemicals.)

These are FUNDAMENTAL things you can do for your health, virus or not.



Email me back ANY questions you have or you may comment below. I’m happy to answer and I want the best for you.

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