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Ultimate Power of Choice


Here’s one of the most life-changing realizations you could ever have in your life. I hope it impacts and changes you the way it changed me.

Real awareness creates choice.

That means when you are truly aware, present and “in the moment,” you will always have the ultimate power of choice.

What kind of choice?

You have the power to choose the most important things in life.

  1. How you feel
  2. How you behave
  3. Which people and situations you attract and are attracted to
  4. What meanings you assign to each moment

You can’t control how other people feel and react.

But you can control yourself, your mind, how you react, what meaning to assign to each situation, and whether or not you engage emotionally and intellectually to certain things in your life.

That for me is truly powerful.

When you realize that you have this ultimate choice, you will feel completely free.

Free to think. Free to feel whatever you want. Feel to attract (and be attracted to) whatever you want.

You’re no longer bound to feel a certain way. You’re no longer chained to your past experiences or trauma. You’re no longer stuck in an endless loop of self-pity, victim-hood, anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions.

You have the choice, the ultimate power to set yourself free.

But only if you are truly aware. Of yourself. Your emotions. Your thoughts. Your expectations. Your intellectual and emotional investments. Your focus.

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