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Fatigue Orgasms Solution (Mailbag)

Women often email me asking if their sex life can be saved despite having certain health conditions.

Sweetie, the truth is… there is always a way to have wonderful intimacy and passionate lovemaking with your partner (or on your own), regardless of your health.

You must find a solution and co-create the intimate experiences that will work for you.

Just like with Marianne and her condition. Check out her email and my response.


“Hi, Susan,

1) I have severe chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Is it possible to have a full/proper orgasm with these conditions?

2) I’ve been slowly improving with natural health therapies, and lately, I wake up at times with my womb area sort of quivering (I never get this during actual sex!), and then as I fully wake up, it stops, and I can’t get it to restart.

Is this common? Is it a full orgasm that just stopped naturally on its own? Sometimes it happens to a lesser extent when I read books with steamy scenes (Oh, and is it okay to read them? I never watch porn, but can steamy books be equally damaging?).

3) Can sleep meds dull sex drive? I was on 10 mg Zolpidem each night for most of 13 years until I was 40 (I now realize the doctors were negligent to just leave me on them… I didn’t know better).

Since getting off of them, I’ve had times of slight orgasm-type quivering, which I’d never had in the past (It surprises me that I didn’t have it when I was younger, before the sleep meds!).

I have so much longing and want to fulfill that with my husband, whom I love. I just am not sure how to get there. Thank you so much for all your help.”

— Marianne

For My Response, Click Here To Read The FULL Article ⇐ Chronic Disease Orgasm Solution (Mailbag)

Hi Marianne,

Glad you’re off the sleep meds. That’s great. And I’m glad you’re working on natural health therapies.

You are likely having preorgasmic contractions in your pelvis. I think sexy stories are helping! They are good, darling. Not bad at all. Keep reading them.

You can have orgasms even if you have CF and fibro. Orgasms will help you feel much better — they are enlivening!

I suggest you start with our Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program.

This is a couple’s practice you can do WITH your husband.

It’s super fun to do together and will help you become orgasmic in a beautiful, gentle way.

Take your time and go through the 21 couples’ exercises together, one at a time, in no hurry.

Watch the videos together. You can watch them together on your smartphone in bed!

Click Here To Expand Your Orgasmic Experiences ⇐ The Expanded Orgasm Couples’ Practice

Position Illustration

This one-of-a-kind sensual couples practice turns flaccid and intimacy-hungry relationships into lush, passionate gardens of sexual adventure and a renewed desire for each other.

This one-of-a-kind sensual couples practice turns flaccid and intimacy-hungry relationships into lush, passionate gardens of sexual adventure and a renewed desire for each other.

What You Can Expect in Each Week of the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight Program

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Patti’s manual in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight:

Suggested Structure: Week 1 (Cycle 1)

In Week 1, we’ll focus on how our bodies give and receive attention.

I will share lots of information in our first week together.

You’ll use this information throughout the entire program, so it may seem like there is a lot to learn all at once. In a way, this is true.

Just like learning how to drive a car, at first, you have to learn a lot all at the same time: about the brakes, steering, road signs, pedestrians, other vehicles, ignition, and so on, and that’s just before you even pull out of the driveway! But you do need to learn all of this just to get started.

Fortunately, what you learn is additive. What you learn on Day 1, you carry with you into Day 2, and what you learn on Days 1 and 2, you carry into Day 3.

People tend to rush things along too much. That should not be the goal here; rather, the goal should be a pleasure (remember Rule #1?). In this course, part of the fun is learning that Expanded Orgasm is a path, a journey, and an outcome.

The true master will enjoy each step (including those wobbly first ones) along the learning path. I encourage you to do just this with your practice in Expanded Orgasm. A solid foundation sets the stage for a great outcome.

The solid foundation you will build for creating Expanded Orgasms will last you a lifetime. The time you invest in developing a solid foundation will pay you back many times over sensually and sexually, and in intimacy as well.

So in some ways, it’s true that Week 1 is busy. Please plan to dedicate yourselves to this program to get the most out of it, understanding you are forming a substantial base for what is to come.

Each week, Day 7 is a mostly freeform day. We structure it so that you are free to focus on those things you want to work on or play with. Mainly on this day, we want you to have fun, and in doing so, you will find yourself enjoyably weaving together the many lovely strands and themes from the week. Nevertheless, we’ll give you a bit of a framework if you’d like to use that.

Week 2 (Cycle 2)

In Week 2, you will build an excellent foundation from which to begin to learn at a higher level of awareness. Expanded Orgasm is not just a physical technique. You must add in your awareness as well as your energy. Your awareness overlaps everything you’ve learned in Week 1, so it’s crucial to bring your skills from Week 1 into Week 2.

You will learn and practice using all your senses to develop an awareness of the date’s energy and intensity, manage that intensity, map out changes your partner is traversing, and guide you on a hot, passionate journey.

As with Week 1, the seventh day ends the week with special attention to the heart. When you connect lovingly and playfully, you intuitively and instinctively create the most wonderful date for you. You will become each other’s teachers, a powerful experience.

Week 3 (Cycle 3)

In Week 3, our focus rounds another turn. A strong foundation and an awareness of the energetic forces of skill and feeling enable you to go on an Expanded Orgasmic ride. Now it’s time to learn how to engage the mind, intention, and finesse to expand your ability to give and receive a full-body, full-being experience.

In Week 3, you will continue to practice your physical and awareness-type skills. And, you will add in your intention and the power of your mind as you practice Expanded Orgasm with your partner.

For our purposes, the mind gives two potent and useful abilities: the ability to make distinctions and the ability to utilize imagination. These two abilities are interwoven, although we may separate them for training.

As you engage your mind more fully (as both giver and receiver), you will discover new methods to fine-tune the precision you can give and receive Expanded Orgasms. Thus, you begin to open the doorway to the higher reaches of mastery.

Precision, finesse, and intention allow you, as the giver, to know just what to do, when to do it, and how to be in each moment. These qualities let you, as the receiver, learn how to receive pleasurable energy and smoothly manage the intensifying energy “current.”

You will discover how to take in ever more pleasurable sensations while giving your partner clear guidance (when desired). This “guidance” is expressed in feedback -visually, using sound, or how you feel about your partner kinesthetically.

As this program progresses, you’ll learn intuitively (through guided experience) how to coordinate your brain waves into resonance with your heart, your energy, and your physical presence. I intend you to experience just how full-body and full-being you can be as you create and explore Expanded Orgasms.

Of course, you can slow this way down and draw it out for as long as you’d like.

There is no hurry.

What is important is that because you two have not been intimate due to your illness, you need a structured way to approach coming back together intimately.

This Expanded Orgasm couple’s practice will get you there, Marianne. I promise! 

Click Here To Expand Your Orgasmic Experiences ⇐ The Expanded Orgasm Couples’ Practice 

Susan With Taylor

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